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The World Will Move Forward On Climate Change, Minus America

By Jason Taylor

Thanks to Trump Nation, the USA is now officially #1….in climate change ignorance, denial, and disinterest. As Trump brings back about 250 coal jobs, the rest of the world adds millions of alternative energy and science jobs as 21st-century technology accelerates toward a new energy revolution.

The 20 world leaders at a meeting in Hamburg, Germany have agreed on every aspect of the statement except a section on climate change, an official told Reuters.

When the rest of the world is going one way and you’re going another you’re not working in the best interests of America. At some point during your presidency, you’re going to need allies and the Israelis won’t be sufficient. (I’m guessing that if Barack Obama had made a surprise visit to the G-20, everyone at the conference save The Donald and The Commissar would have reflexively received him with a standing ovation.)

“We have a G20 communique, not a G19 communique,” the official told Reuters.

The statement reportedly noted that 19 of the 20 countries?—?with the U.S. the only exclusion?—?are committed to the Paris agreement on climate change. Trump announced his intention to pull the U.S. out of the accordin early June.

Every member of the group except the U.S. reaffirmed the Paris climate accord as “irreversible,” according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reported the Associated Press.

The antediluvian president imagines himself a great man by standing outside other world leaders in backing away from the Paris Climate Accord. Donald thinks mining coal is great and will ‘bring back jobs’, ignoring the reality that many coal mining jobs are now done by massive machines and that the burning of coal produces tiny particulate matter deeply invasive of people’s lungs.

He also loves drilling for fossil fuels, yet one wonders if when he is flying across the ocean, if he has had the experience of looking out the window and up, where at 35,000 feet, one can get a glimpse of the darkness of space; the breathable part of the earth’s atmosphere is thin and as we are discovering, susceptible to significant changes due to greenhouse gases and pollution produced by human beings and a rapidly heating planet earth.

Can there be a more stark example of President Trump’s anti-Earth and anti-human leadership than his rejection of and opposition to accepting human-caused global climate disruption? He and his Republican supporters will be held accountable and ultimately cast aside as the rest of the world tries to come to grips with the environmental disasters that await us all.

It is infuriating that our country which should be using its scientific and technological knowledge and skills to mitigate climate change, has instead been forced to yield to our president’s abuse of power and bombastic rhetoric.

The US has been the biggest CO2 polluter and now is shirking its responsibilities in the name of non-existent jobs promised by an ignorant man. Morally reprehensible and utterly distasteful. This is US democracy at its lowest point and I wonder if it will bounce back.

The only people damaged during the G-20 were Americans. Trump has happily sold out America in order to advance his family’s wealth and prominence. Every move he makes is for personal enrichment. Period. I will never understand how his supporters refuse to understand that. In the meantime, Russia, Germany, and China have leaders with clearly defined interests and objectives for their countries and were well prepared to advance them this week. It is so tragic to watch the greedy grifter Trump sit there incompetently grinning with satisfaction making personal deals at the expense of the rest of us.

The ship is sinking with a fool as the captain. Not only will the trumpeter ruin the USA, but he’ll be taken to the cleaners when the real negotiations start with the North Koreans, the Chinese, and the Russians. The worst part of this all is that it’s taken the fool only a mere 120 days to turn the USA upside down. What’s even worse is that 40–50% of the USA believes him.

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  1. What’s that Eliot line? “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” Maybe we should change that to labored choking gasp.

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