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Trump Attacks America In Poland

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump delivers a speech about defending freedom and values yet has expressed a “transactional foreign policy” that focuses on only what we can get from a deal and excludes values. He talks about freedom and Western values but attacks freedoms here in this country and attacks Western values like reason, science, compassion, equality, and liberal democracy.

Trump’s railing against bureaucrats depriving wealth from the people shows the comic side of Trump. His definition of “people” is limited to his billionaire friends throughout the world and himself. I don’t know who wrote that speech, but I’m not sure they were thinking clearly when they had a thrice-married, morally bankrupt sexual predator preach that “strong families and strong values” are the keys to the future of Western civilization. Not exactly an “Ich bin ein Berliner” moment for the ages.

Once again, our National Idiot plays the demagogue overseas.

It’s simply not true that “nobody knows for sure” that Russia meddled in our elections. There is proof in spades which was presented to him by the IC even before he was sworn in. Protecting our civilization requires having a common understanding of what constitutes truth. Countries that hide behind a veil of ideology over truth soon devolve into dictatorships.

Were I making that speech, I would have added that protecting our values and our civilization demands not only will, but honesty, consistency, and celebration of a free and open press with the power to express dissenting views — something our president clearly doesn’t believe in – along with Putin, Erdogan, and increasingly, Poland’s President Duda.

How blindingly ridiculous is it that Trump would ask the question ‘does the West have the will to survive’ when he tramples and dismantles the very institutions and ideals that form our democracy: a free press, our melting pot society, freedom of religion, and protection of civil liberties. He tramples these daily. Yes, Mr. Trump, we *do* know who hacked the election and so do you.

What is crystal clear from Trump’s stop in Poland is we truly have a “reality show” president. His prepared comments, while vague, remain bellicose. He continues to fall back on his theme of America’s dark ages before Trump, and that he alone is the light that will save the day or the planet. In news conferences, he continues to irrationally condemn the media for their “negative” coverage of him.  He suggests that his time with “The Apprentice” should guarantee fawning treatment from the press because he is a celebrity who made money for his bosses.

Trump thinks nothing of stating to the world that “Nobody Really Knows” who hacked into the 2016 Election when the truth is self-evident. What is most disturbing about the media coverage, however, is how it normalizes this “celebrity apprentice” presidency, thus allowing Trump a veneer of respectability he has not earned, and resulting in the steady demeaning of the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump sends a message that resonates with his right-wing hosts, and others whose solution to all problems is to control and dominate other human beings.  The right wing nationalist perspective but not one that will ever bring an end to terrorism. The roots of terrorism are in the will to destroy those who are perceived to be the source of injustice and deprivation. People can be brutal or indifferent to strangers and protective of our own no matter their behavior, it’s a flaw in our genes, but the leader of the free world has a duty to inspire us to be more just and inclusive. Trump seems not to understand that he speaks in a way that reflects attitudes that lead to civil wars and genocidal actions.

To Europe and the World, please remember Donald Trump lost the popular vote of the American people by approximately 3 million votes. This is the largest popular vote loss ever for a U.S. President who won the electoral college vote, and 5 times larger than the 2nd largest popular vote loss. Only 39% of U.S. citizens currently approve of Trump and almost 55% specifically disapprove of him. He does not represent the values most Americans hold dear. Bear with us, we are here, we just need to endure this guy a little longer.

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