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Hobby Lobby Did WHAT?!

By Tiffany Rodgers

Hobby Lobby is in deep hot water with the Department of Justice. They have been purchasing, through the black market, “priceless” Christian artifacts. Normally I would say ‘To each his own.”  Not this time! They were purchasing them from ISIS.

You might be thinking, I remember something about Hobby Lobby being in the news in the past. Yep! They were one of the companies that didn’t want to supply birth control to their employees via health insurance. Wait a minute! According to Hobby Lobby’s actions, it is perfectly fine to pay terrorists for special historical pieces. Last time I checked terrorists KILL people.

Let’s see. It is debatable if birth control ‘kills’ anyone. However, it is very much not debatable if ISIS kills anyone. IMHO supplying murders with money to ‘save artifacts’ is way worse than allowing people to decide when they want to start a family. I sense some major hypocrisy happening here.

My question is why is Hobby Lobby only getting fined? I do believe there should be a much more harsh punishment. In any circumstance, we truly see what matters to those at the top of the company – material things are more precious than people.

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