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Trump To China: Put A “Heavy Move” On North Korea

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump, the great negotiator, exercises his famous skill by insulting and angering the Chinese and then going and begging for help. That is a technique that works when you have all 52 cards but doesn’t work so well when you have only one practical option. Since China supports 90% of North Korea’s economy, without the Chinese the US has nothing but very, very ugly military options. If we want Chinese help, it seems as if Trump and Tillerson need to come up with a plan that will help the Chinese if they help defuse the nuclear strategy of North Korea.

Trump wants to bully the Chinese, but they’re too experienced to be bullied.

Why does Trump think he can cajole China into resolving the mess with North Korea? China is far closer than we are and likely to suffer from intemperate actions by Kim Jong-un just as much. I think President Xi has Trump’s number. He can see Trump is unsure of himself on the world stage and has zero ideas of how to manage serious risk. After all, this isn’t NYC real estate where bluffing or stuffing creditors is going to work.

My biggest concern is that, in a fit of pique and a show of power, Trump will pick a fight in one of the world’s hot spots, whether in the Far East or in the Middle East, which will quickly get out of control. Then. perversely, he will use this new crisis as a call for patriotic unity to rally behind the President and forget about all the current problems and political failures which are of his own creation.

Which one of these two people are a bigger autocrat, megalomaniac, dangerous, immature, and incompetent?

1. Kim Jong-un of North Korea
2. Donald J. Trump of the United States

If you picked (b), then you are correct.

Kim Jong-il may be lots of things, but stupid is not one of them. He is all talk, and certainly little action. All he cares about is hard currency coming into North Korea, and the people, of North Korea, worship the ground he walks on.

As for Donald Trump, he has no clue of the world outside his grand office tower, the White House, and his resorts. This week he will prove his ignorance at the G-20. Unlike Kim Jong-il, Donald Trump is stupid and crazy enough to attack and destabilize Southeast Asia. And resume a war, he cannot win. North Korea has a huge army ready to march south and overwhelm South Korea. It won’t take long for them to capture Seoul.

Any tactician, station in South Korea, knows that if North Korea moved, it will be over fast. Of course, the other problem our “idiot in chief” will cause is a possible war with China. Waking up completely the so-called “sleeping dragon.” I gather there are now frayed nerves in Canberra, Wellington Manila, Tokyo, and at last Seoul right now. Let’s see who else Trump threatens or alienates this week at the G-20. Maybe going after Putin, to really create more world instability.

No tactics employed by either Republican and Democratic administrations in the past half-century has rendered a positive outcome with North Korea. Kim is as crazy as Trump, and there is no reason to assume that Kim will buckle under to any kind of threat. If Kim were to hurl a nuclear missile at Los Angeles and/or San Francisco (the possible threat according to news coverage) why would he do that, and what does he think the U.S. response would be?

Kim has no benefit to gain by attacking the U.S. because the U.S. would completely vaporize N. Korea within 30 minutes. Kim would not have a country left to rule over. Is that not already obvious? I would wager that Kim knows this, psycho-killer that he is. Kim may be playing to internal competitive political forces more than external power-positioning. So why should the U.S. be wading into the middle of this Asian cesspool? How do we make ourselves safer by pushing Kim to the brink of inter-continental suicide? Like most of U.S. military conflicts, there is neither rhyme or reason.

The worst possible thing to do is for Trump to get into a squabble with China. Last time I checked, they own a good portion of our debt. The only thing Trump knows well is how to bankrupt whatever he gets his hands on. I hope that our country isn’t added to his list of losses.


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