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Tweeter-In-Chief: Ten Absurd Tweets Towards Women (#1)


By Darrell Roberts 

President Trump has sent lots of tweets. The best tweets. Nobody tweets better than he does. However, this list of tweets will highlight Trump’s history of both misogyny and sexism. For the sake of equity, this will be the first of two “Tweeter-In-Chief Ten Times” list dedicated to pointing out an ongoing history of absurdity.

*NOTE* The President’s personal attacks are not reasonable nor acceptable. Furthermore, Americans should ALWAYS expect more from the President of the United States.

May these tweets remind all to think before tweeting.  As Abraham Lincoln famously stated, “men should utter Twitter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and eternity.”

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Yes, the President claims to “respect” women. But the following ten examples (out of many) of that suggest that is not the truth.

Ten- Loving A Loser:

Mr. President, it is not nice to offer unsolicited relationship advice to others. After all, how would you feel if someone pointed out Melania is as you say, “a ten” and most would not rate you nearly as high? Don’t get me wrong, “I’m not saying it hap— I’m saying it’s a real possibility” that some may claim Melania as “a ten” to your “two.”

Nine- Beauty of Motherhood:

The times are a changing, sir. Don’t take my word, send one less tweet and check out #NormaliseBreastFeeding on Twitter.

Eight- Does Trump Like Dudes?:

So, are saying you find said man attractive? It is all right if you do, see #9 on how the world is far different than your archaic views.

Seven- On Privacy:

No shame.  Kate, like everyone on planet earth, is entitled to having and enjoying her privacy, #CommanderPervert

Six- Unsolicited advice:

Good job to all those that provided “a lot of heat” BUT apparently it did not work. Perhaps, more vocal “heat” should be equally applied from women and men alike, right?

Five- Pot Meet Kettle:

Beauty is in the “eye of the beholder.”  However, “extremely unattractive” is also in the ear of the listener or the eye or the reader.

Four- Does Trump Like Dudes? Part 2:

David’s girlfriend–nailed it.

Three- Martha is #1:

Agreed. However, Martha Stewart is also a talented woman whose talent extends far beyond obvious beauty.

Two- Trump’s Poison:

Oh, sir–the “poison” has kicked in (on you) a long, long, long time ago.

One- Vicious Elderly:

What? You endured a “vicious” attack from a “so called 87-year-old” lady? My only question is what did you do to anger Betty White?  That is a joke, but #BettyWhiteRules!

Take your own advice, sir

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