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Trump CNN Tweet Prompts Call For 25th Amendment On Social Media

By Jason Taylor

To the rest of the world, America has never looked weaker than it does under Donald Trump. He has tremendous power but is vulnerable to personal insults, can be goaded to act rashly and has zero grasps of domestic and international issues. Big military hardware without a strategy, thoughtfulness, strong alliances and expert diplomacy does not make a country strong and respected. Bullying tactics and insults rarely benefit the bully in the long term. Everyone knows that bullies are insecure and weak at their core.

Donald Trump’s supporters want to make it all about CNN, and ignore the orange elephant in the room. Trump is a far, far bigger problem for all of us than CNN ever could be.

Pay no attention to the psychopaths, misanthropes, and sadists behind the curtain. As long as they have their useful idiot cretin, The Great and Powerful Derangement, to sign whatever they place before him — and, in particular, nominate the young Theocratic Fascists being selected (by hard-right “Christian” organizations) to fill the historic number of federal bench vacancies created by McConnell (for lifetime appointments) that will change the entire landscape of this republic for at the very least a generation — they will allow him to continue debasing our nation.

When Trump finally becomes too much of a liability, they have the perfect replacement waiting in the wings, and someone just as vile, hateful, bigoted, ignorant and sadistic as they: Pence. We are rapidly approaching that point beyond which the answer to the question, “What do you think of the United States of America?” will be, “It was a nice idea.”

Why can’t the president of the United States stop using Twitter like a junior high school playground bully? Does he realize the intelligent people of the world find him unprofessional and moronic when he cyberbullies? How can he not know?

What Trump forgets is that he works for all of us, not just his supporters. He works for the press as well, not the other way around. He needs to know his place. He acts like a king but he is our employee, period. Many of us find him deplorable and would love to see him exit the Oval Office. Others think he is wonderful with his hateful policies, trash talk, and sexism towards women. Fine in a democracy but he cannot shut up the press. He works for all Americans including the press who have every right to tell him he is wrong. If he doesn’t like it, he can keep on having cabinet meetings where everyone goes around the table telling him how wonderful he is. He acts like a child in charge of the playground. The man is 71 years old and wants the world to love him.

For a man who wants to destroy Barack Obama’s legacy, it’s ironic that the president continually invites comparison with a man who was eloquent, poised, intelligent, compassionate and cool under fire. Yet he tries to elevate his standing by digging himself into a hole. It just doesn’t make sense.

The president has the temperament and the immaturity of an effete spoiled child. When that’s combined with the power of his office, he reminds me of Nero in “I, Claudius,” with a little Caligula thrown in for good measure. For someone with such a catalog of flaws, he shouldn’t criticize the appearance and intellectual capacity of others. Most of the men and women he abuses would make better presidents, if only because their actions would be tempered by the insecurity of knowing they were over their heads.

But if you don’t realize you’re incapable of doing the job, you’re likely to make a fool of yourself, and of the country. And that’s been borne out, over and over again. To be fair, it’s not entirely his fault. People knew his flaws but voted for him anyway. He’s merely a reflection of what this country has become, and the image is deplorable.

Trump is deteriorating. When he started his campaign, he was cheerful at rallies. He was enjoying himself. But now, he is in a situation that he doesn’t know how to get out of. He hates being President, but he can’t allow himself the loss of reputation that quitting would entail. Donald Trump cannot lose. Instead, he is making America into a losing state, along with his Republican partners-in-crime in Congress. I am worried about what might happen if he loses it completely. I truly hope that there are sane, rational people in between Trump and the nuclear codes. The future of the Earth might someday depend on it.

I think it’s fair to say that every US president, bad or just middling, displayed at least some sort of virtues, personality assets, or management skills. But the more this man exposes his inner self, the more hard pressed I am personally to think of even one.

And that is terribly sad, not for him but for us.

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