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Stop Trying To Make “Trump News” Happen/It’s Not Going To Happen!

By Tiffany Rodgers

Per Trump’s request (see below) let’s discuss a few points other than his childish, erratic, unpresidential behavior.

First, let’s make it clear that I am not admitting to reading what Trump calls “fake news”. I just thought, on this fourth of July weekend, that we could turn our attention towards the country for once. It is our country’s birthday after all.

Trump bullets a few topic points. Jobs is first on his list. He said ‘the stock market is up…jobs will come’. Last I checked hoping for future things doesn’t make it a success in the present. Just saying. I truly hope for the sake of America that jobs will be restored or created.

He goes on about our strong economy. Well, I will somewhat agree here. Gas is at an all time low for the holiday weekend. I know that feels nice to my wallet. However, low gas prices are not exactly encompassing the entire economy. Perhaps, an example or some facts from Trump proving this ‘winning’ economy would be helpful.

Success with ISIS is next. What success are we talking about? He promised during the election season that ISIS would be defeated in 30 days of him entering office. I’m pretty sure that time has come and gone! Perhaps, he is talking about his ever so great not ‘Muslim ban’. That has been shot down twice and only half working right now. It’s not working, Trump, because it’s unconstitutional. You know that writing our forefathers wrote to guide our country…I’m sure you’ve heard of it…right?

Laughily the last point on his agenda tweet, is the border. Ah! The migthy wall! Where is it? Oh right, you’re developing a ‘solar panel’ wall now. Mexico is still paying for that right? They aren’t exactly jumping at the offer (wonder why). Now you are calling for Mexico to ‘reimburse’ us for that wall. Does that mean we are building it first? With what money? You can’t just borrow the money like you did from your father when you were first starting out. Remember, that “small” one million loan. Maybe, you could loan me a teenzy loan, that would have me set for life. Anyways, back to that wall. It’s NOT going to happen. A wall is not the answer anyways! Immigration reform is what needs to take place.

Trump’s extremely small list of positives got me wondering if there were any more he hadn’t listed. Excuse me….thinking…uh…nope, can’t think of nothing else. Perhaps, the news would focus more on agenda if Trump would stop behaving so fitful, hateful, bigoted, sexist, and ‘so much more’. The media could focus on agenda if you were actually doing something, but you’re too busy being reality TV star instead of president.

BTW, in case you are behaving badly to distract us from your Deathcare bill…it’s not working! Americans are still very aware of the bill lurking over our heads. We are also very aware of your plan B to just repeal ObamaCare without any replacement. We will not allow you gamble with our healthcare!

Here’s my suggestion (I know everybody, especially Trump, is just waiting with bated breath for my suggestion): Step down. Give the USA the best birthday present ever. You might as well. The 25th amendment is already being discussed (you know the one that gets you removed from office because you are unfit for office). America could truly celebrate! With or without your resignation, we will celebrate our great country! So while you are grilling out, spending time with family, and watching fireworks remember what Ronald Reagan said; “The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.” That’s us! Happy Fourth of July!

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1 Comment on Stop Trying To Make “Trump News” Happen/It’s Not Going To Happen!

  1. We are all probably better off using sarcasm as a response to Mr. Trump’s tweets. If I stated what I believe should be said his base would simply continue to see his tweets as credible. Really, the President of the United States delivers policy positions, matters that seriously effect my life and that of others, in 144 word opinions. I expect a more enlightened and informative approach from junior high age children. Judging by his language Mr. Trump apparently has not yet achieved that level. At 70 years of age he probably never will.

    Thanks for your post, happy holiday, sorry happy 4th.

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