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Trump Is Beneath The Dignity Of The Office He Holds

By Jason Taylor 

Why are so many people feigning outrage? Donald Trump was a childish, unprofessional vulgar bully way before he ran for president, he was this way while was campaigning for president, and he is still the same after he was elected president. The time to be outraged was during the campaign, but instead, almost all media outlets dismissed the boorish behavior and lies as just Trump being Trump. When the worst candidate in modern history runs and wins the presidency, what does that say about us as a society?

With that said, this has got to stop. Where are his handlers? Donald Trump’s behavior is so outrageous and inappropriate — forget about Presidential! How low can he go and when will he have gone so low that his Party is snapped out of their anti-Obama deregulation hypnotic state to do something about it? Trump is unfit to be president. He has no filter, is out of control, and will never change. As the Russian investigation continues, he lashes out to avoid and divert the truth. Mr. Trump is a professional “gaslighter” while projecting frustration and guilt on his latest target.

Trump just can’t seem to help himself. He has to respond. 

If Trump’s Tweets are supposed to be considered official communications of the President, as both Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have repeatedly said, then these are sad days for America. There are so many hugely important issues facing this country right now: health care, world unrest, environmental concerns, attacks on our democracy by adversaries. And what was Thursday morning official communication from our President? A vulgar insult for a woman in the media. If we are willing to let the standard for presidential behavior be set so low by Donald Trump, I’m afraid we’ll have forfeited the right, and lost the discernment, to ever expect anything better from future presidencies.

The saddest part of this is that most of us have become numb to these outrages. There are apparently many die-hard supporters who somehow find this acceptable. I struggle with this. Trump desperately wants to be honored as President even as he thoroughly dishonors the office. The President represents the people — the people this President constantly insults and degrades.

“I don’t think it directly affects the negotiation on the health care bill, but it is undignified?—?it’s beneath a president of the United States and just so contrary to the way we expect a president to act,” [Susan Collins] said. 

Why shouldn’t it directly affect the negotiation on the health care bill? The same disdain Trump shows against women in his tweets is clearly apparent in the bill’s disproportionate lack of provisions for poor and middle-class women. For example, if a woman loses her health insurance or loses access to Medicaid, what options does she have for reproductive health? Women, because of their very nature in having and nurturing children, have unique and critical health needs.

Okay Senators Collins and Murkowski, do you support women or not? Rebuking Trump’s tweets is standing up for a woman’s dignity. Taking a stand against this health bill is standing up for millions of women’s lives and the families and friends they care for — as well as their dignity.

Have I missed something or has Mr. Pence been silent on these matters, and thus given tacit approval to Mr. Trump’s war on women? Perhaps Mr. Pence lacks the moral courage to speak out (sad) or is actually in agreement with Mr. Trump (sadder still). With Mr. Trump looking like he might at any time depart the scene voluntarily or otherwise, I believe that we should be watching the VP’s actions — or lack thereof — rather carefully.

I think Trump really, I mean REALLY, craves nice things to be said about him. It’s almost like this guy has never been praised over the course of his life. This in itself is fairly harmless, but unfortunately, he seems to be also afflicted with a related character flaw; and that is he can’t take any criticism at all. Every slight, no matter how small, perceived or otherwise, is taken to be a direct attack on his character. And I suspect that having come from a privileged upbringing, he has had the wherewithal to retaliate at his critics, often times disproportionately, with little or no consequence. I think at the heart of it all, he just wants to be respected and for people to love him. Unfortunately for him, either he can’t see his methods are not working or he’s just too ignorant to change them.

Kellyanne Conway famously said of Trump’s inanities, insults, and lies, “You can’t take his words literally. You have to look at what’s in his heart.” Well, we see what’s in Trump’s putative heart, and it’s nasty, brutish, shallow, vindictive, and greedy. No more, no less. A healthcare plan that’s too “mean,” but which he nonetheless supports. Destructive environmental policies with the sole goal of making money in the short-term. Reactive, ill-considered foreign policy based on ego and flattery. Nepotism and using the powers of his office for personal gain. Lying at almost every turn for things large and small. The man will not change, so we must focus instead on stopping his destructive policies.

Take Trump out of the equation and consider what would happen if any other elected official publicly stated similar offensive remarks, regardless of the level of government or nation? They would be forced to step down. Has the public and the world has become so accustomed to Mr. Trump’s crude behavior that he continues as normal. Can the nation ever hope to return to anything resembling civil governance?

Each day and each tweet diminish the office of President of the United States. He is clearly unfit for this office and we all will pay a price for his occupancy of this once revered office.

The time has come to consider the application of the 25th Amendment. Trump is severely impaired in terms of impulse control, malignant narcissism, and ability to carry out essential national and international functions. The 25th Amendment permits Congress to create a body, comprised of doctors as well as former Presidents, which is empowered to determine the mental health and fitness of the President. Two members of Congress?—?before this most recent episode?—?have introduced bills to create this body for the purpose of evaluating and determining Trump’s mental health and fitness.

The time has come for this Board to be created and to go forward.

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