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Republicans Lack Vision For The Future Of America

By Jason Taylor

We worry about Russians influencing elections yet we have people like the Koch brothers and large corporations influencing elections as well as legislation, taxes, and profit through campaign donations. Russian corruption looks like small-time crooks in comparison to our homegrown ones. Conservatives got what they wanted. Now as the peasants sharpen the pitchforks, many on Capitol Hill wish this Trump nightmare was over. Sadly, for Americans, it’s just beginning.

I have come to the conclusion that most folks who identify as Republicans are convinced that they are entitled and deserving, while others are not. From trust fund babies who actually believe they pulled up their own bootstraps to tea partiers who believe that they deserve food stamps and Medicare, but their neighbors do not, the deep selfishness and lack of compassion for their fellow man is gut wrenching.

Their “health care” bill is the epitome of their lack of humanity. Through gerrymandering, voter suppression, an electoral college that makes a flyover vote worth three times more than mine, these deplorables have risen to power — it is a Tyranny by the Minority. But it cannot be sustained. The people will take our country back. Like it or not, America wants to move forward, not backward. The Republicans vision, or lack thereof, wants to take this Nation back down a dark and dusty road. The people simply won’t stand for it.

Growing up in a basic middle-class Catholic family, working any job I could get from 14 years old and on, I started my voting life feeling an affinity for the Republican party and have voted for their candidates long ago. The GOP leadership seemed to have a focus centered on global leadership, building admiration for our shared ideals and values, and working to inspire others worldwide. And bipartisanship was real. But my goodness, I cannot as a moral person now feel any kinship with that party and what they represent. In all its legislative actions, the Republican party seems bent on the destruction of the fabric of American life, and the opportunities that were afforded to me and my family will not be there for our future generations. How sad.

Take Mitch McConnell, he is not a radical Republican. He is worse. Even though he had polio as a child and recovered through the March of Dimes, Mitch has no sympathy for disabled children. Even though Mitch is from a state full of poor people (Kentucky), Mitch has no interest in helping poor people get health care. Even though Mitch has a mother, sister, and wife, Mitch has no interest in helping women. Even though Mitch is old himself, Mitch has no interest in making sure old people can get health care or assistance to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Even though Mitch is a human being, Mitch has no interest in ensuring that other human beings can lead healthy, productive, fulfilled lives.

As an American, I believe that the government can and should play a role in assuring that every citizen has access to healthcare when needed. As an intelligent consumer, I want our government to buy good health care and a good price. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price seems utterly unaware that the US government spends my hard-earned tax money buying bad healthcare (in too many instances) at outrageously inflated prices (too often). The result is that US healthcare is too expensive, driving our employers and employees to the poor house, draining our federal coffers, and now leaving thousands to die for the lack of care.

Secretary Price has repeatedly congratulated the US for having the best healthcare in the world despite the fact that our outcomes are poor by comparison to the other first world industrial powers and cost more than twice per person as much as other first-world nations spend. That is not conservative, it is stupid.

Here’s a conservative idea. Go with something that works, something that will save huge amounts of money, something that is redistributive in providing benefits to the unwealthy. It’s called Medicare for All, aka single-payer.

Our political leaders are so tightly focused on providing immediate financial benefit to their super-rich sources of campaign funds that they have become selectively blind to the very real and pressing needs of the larger population they are supposedly representing. As the economic analysis of this legislation indicates this whole bill is a blatant attempt to put a huge amount of cash into the pockets of people that really don’t need it, at the expense of the working poor whose safety and comfort fluctuates from paycheck to paycheck.

It is disgusting to me that our nation’s government would even consider a law that punishes millions of our citizens because of their financial situation while providing huge financial benefit to a few that really do not need it, but view themselves as “overtaxed.” The average “tax rebate” to this small piece of our population this bill provides is more than the total yearly income of a working poor family. The short-sighted and selfish nature of this proposal from both houses of government, and its endorsement by the Executive Branch is astonishing.

Conservatives are all about closed doors. That’s where they’re working to create this ruinous wealth care proposal, and that’s how they’re treating millions of Americans: shutting them off from the benefits that result from living in a modern democracy. This isn’t about capitalism and its structural flaws. It’s about an awakening of conservative Republicans to the wonders of pure, unadulterated greed. They’ve got theirs, and in the zero-sum game of U.S. economics, that means nobody else can benefit.

The poor, the old and the sick are not on their radar. They simply don’t matter, and that explains everything you need to know about the way they’re being treated. Republicans used to at least make the effort to put on a show, and pretend their money-grubbing was based on some high-minded principle. The money would “trickle down” from on high, and the change falling from the billionaire’s pockets would be enough to sustain the also-rans. Today, they just don’t care.

People say this kind of thinking is rooted in Ayn Rand, I don’t know, perhaps that’s true. I don’t understand how these guys can be so callous when they have so much. To reach an age and a level of wealth yet lack a charitable heart. Amazingly self-centered, the whole lot of them. The essential cruelty which underpins all the Republicans does shame them and the families that knowingly support it.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that greed knows no bounds, and at some stage, the American People will rise up and throw them off. Unless of course the propaganda known as Fox News hasn’t completely sedated them.

Which up until this point it has.

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