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Five (Now Six) Not-So-Fake Ramifications of Trump’s War on the Media

By Lauren Wynn UPDATED July 2,2017

Sunday morning news  has been dominated not by health care reform, not by the upcoming celebration of our nation’s independence — no, the headlines have been about our President, the Commander-in-Chief, Leader of the Free World (ostensibly), posting a WWE Smack-Down video of him vs a CNN-logo-headed individual. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Slow clap as the last shred of our national pride goes down for the count.


While the President touts his “direct line with the people” (aka Twitter) as a positive thing – much to the chagrin of his aides – he fails to realize the far-reaching and, perhaps, long-term damage he’s doing in the process. That, coupled with many of his unscripted riffs during rallies, has just upped the ante.

One of Trump’s favorite slogans is “Fake News.” At last count, he’s Tweeted that phrase more than 53 times since the end of last year. It’s set up an adversarial relationship with the press, and is doing real and perhaps lasting harm to the news media and our country.

Here are the top five not-so-fake ramifications of Trump’s war on the media:

1). It destroys the ability of the media to perform its duty: to hold the administration accountable.

When major news outlet after major news outlet is painted with the brush of “Fake News,” it erodes the press’s ability to do its job: to hold the administration accountable for its duty to serve the American people honestly, and to fulfill its promises.

A press corps that is constantly maligned by the leader of the free world loses credibility with the public and may no longer have the ability to call into question the administration’s actions or motives when they stray from the promises they made to the American people. By the same token, outlets that never question the actions or motives of the President and his administration are no better than propaganda machines.

2) The President needs allies not adversaries

Making enemies seems, on its face, to be a foolish strategic move. Most presidents endeavor to develop congenial relationships with members of the press in order to help forward their agenda. His bull-in-a-china-shop approach to public relations is leaving many put-off and others scratching their heads. Even his surrogates have joined in! Haven’t they heard that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?

3) It reduces the public’s ability to recognize actual ‘fake news’ and creates a class of gullible, easily fooled consumers who will believe anything.

As in the case of Pizzagate, this can have frightening and possibly deadly consequences.


People’s willingness to believe far-flung conspiracy theories and untrue accusations that confirm their bias is dangerous, but it becomes even more so when it’s being promulgated by the President of the United States:

This is just one example, among many and – to borrow a phrase – it’s sad.

4) It creates Trump Fatigue

Seriously, that’s a thing!

Varvel Trump Fatigue Cartoon

Picture by Gary Varvel. Follow him on Twitter @varvel

After awhile people tune out. Tired of the tirades, the early morning tweet storms filled with unhinged accusations and assertions, folks just shrug and look away. “That’s just Trump being Trump” is the moniker of the new normal and, frankly, that’s pretty terrifying.

5) Honestly, it makes him look petty and ridiculous.

Let’s just let the tweets speak for themselves, shall we?

I could go on and on (and on and on and on), but you get the picture. It has been said, and bears repeating, that Mr. Trump is his own worst enemy. His obsession with always being right — always winning, coupled with his thin skin and inability to weather even the slightest bit of scrutiny or negative press will just continue to feed the media, which will feed his obsession and round and round we go. Short of a Congressional intervention, we’re in for three and a half more years of this. What comes after Trump Fatigue?

This is Part One in a series. Stay tuned for Part Two: Trump’s War With Our Allies.

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Former grassroots state lead for Evan McMullin's 2016 Presidential campaign, Wynn, now a resident of Washington, DC, is an avid student of government and politics, and a freelance writer and blogger. Contributor to @eatprayvote

4 Comments on Five (Now Six) Not-So-Fake Ramifications of Trump’s War on the Media

  1. Rosemarie Serao // June 30, 2017 at 10:36 am // Reply

    @POTUS is deliberately meligning the press in hopes that after time no one believes ANYTHING they say. This is a very dangerous situation this is something dictators do.

  2. While the Trump Circus is in town, hopefully not for long, I choose to believe that the rational public will take him with a grain of salt and maybe a big shot of tequila if need be. Trump’s followers have proven to be the least capable people of making logical interpretations of his rantings so I’m hoping the majority of sane Americans can see through his delusional thought process. Trump has proven to be in the very least, unstable, so those who possess even a basic knowledge of normalcy can see that he’s dealing with a truly diminished capacity for rationality. I believe he can’t emotionally handle the fact that he’s in over his head as potus and there is no faking that predicament. So, he tries to force every issue and bully his way to acceptance to the point that he is left with no alternative but to lash out at people, news media, that challenge his limited ability to be legitimate. I think his clock is ticking and I think he knows it. I believe the media will be fine as he sinks further into his delirium. My father-in-law (God rest his soul) used to say “twenty years from now, it won’t matter” about anything that wasn’t really important. I DO think this is important but we will survive the short presidency of Donald Trump, and so will the media.

    • I like to think that our ‘better angels’ will prevail in this, Jackie. It’s just so disheartening to wake each day wondering ‘what will the idiot do to embarrass the nation today?’ While I’ve disagreed with the politics of Presidents in the past, I can honestly say I’ve never been afraid of what tomorrow may hold BECAUSE of the President’s unhinged behavior and that of the sycophants who surround him. I hope and pray this is, indeed, a short presidency. I hope our national learns a lesson and I hope the world has a short memory of this embarrassing time in US politics.

  3. What else can we expect from the FAKE LEADERSHIP, FAKE INTELLIGENT orange cretin residing in the WH?

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