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Bully-In-Chief (Trump Gets A New Nickname Daily)

By Tiffany Rodgers

By now most of us have seen the tweets Trump made this morning. He decided to take off his President hat and put on his catty lil private school girl hat (I know that’s not fair to school girls, but let’s go with that for now). Instead of tackling any of the important topics that need attention in the world today (healthcare, ISIS, North Korea…shoot even global hunger); he decides to bully Ms. Mika. Did she instigate this attack? No! It’s as if Trump pulls stuff out of thin air and goes bananas on whatever random thing that may be.

What is Trump’s obsession with blood coming out of females? He does realize this is an involuntary part of being a woman…right? Maybe he needs to go back to health class. I  wrote a piece yesterday about his behavior towards women. This just cements every sentiment I wrote about the orange man child!

Let’s suspend, for now, the fact that he is attacking women again and look at the big picture.

Trump MUST stop tweeting! He is an embarrassment to America.

It’s like every time he tweets, he gets out his shovel and digs a deeper hole for himself. Someone next to him needs to yank that phone away from him and ground him from all electronics – just like I do to my kiddos when they misbehave! Why doesn’t anyone around him have enough guts to just say STOP tweeting? Does he need to attend a few TA (Tweeters Anonymous) groups? The embarrassed people of the US can arrange such a course.

I thought his wife, Melania (at least I think that’s his wife…you might want to run that by Ivanka first) was going to start a cyber bully initiative. I know who her first case should be. She needs to start in her home before trying to fix anyone else.

To wrap up my rant here, Trump needs to do as follows:

Put your big boy pants on and start behaving accordingly! You had to have this job! Behave in a manner fit for this office immediately!


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