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McConnell Doesn’t Have The Votes For Trumpcare And Likely Never Will

By Jason Taylor

The AHCA is radioactive. For those who support this, the 15, the conservative lobbyists, the so-called Freedom Caucus; there are millions of people and organizations who oppose this travesty. This is a waste of taxpayer resources to continue this process. Millions of people will lose access to affordable health care if this passes. The sick, elderly and disabled will be asked to die. Older Americans will have to choose between insurance and their other expenses. And those who are sick, if the change jobs, have to wait six months to get covered if they have a pre-existing condition.

It’s funny that this is even called a health care bill when its true purpose is to produce a trillion-dollar tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. And it’s that tax cut that means any plan the GOP comes up with is going to mean more expensive health care for almost all of us. Anything they put forward is going to stink for 99.9% of Americans.

If the GOP would take the tax cut out of it, maybe they could come up with something palatable — maybe they could even improve upon Obamacare. But that thought hasn’t even entered their minds. They want the tax cut for the billionaires who own the Republican Party.

The only winners are the wealthy who will get tax cuts on the blood of those who lose access to health care. They are so greedy, that they are willing to let thousands of people die so they can pay less in the tax. That should make anyone sick, no matter what side of the political divide you reside on. This bill is mean-spirited, cruel, inhumane. We treat our pets better than what this bill will do to our fellow citizens. Anyone who can justify that making people die, to get tax cuts, truly has a sick mind.

This bill has to die. Then, do the nation’s real work, fix the flaws of the ACA. Or better yet, just extend Medicare to all citizens. If Congress loves this bill, why are they exempt from it? The politicians just do not care about anyone, unless they fund their $25000 plate dinners.

Democrats, here’s your opportunity. Float a proposed bill to put a “public option” into the ACA, as was the original plan. Or, propose to “repeal and replace” the ACA with a single-payer, universal plan. Propose tax increases on the wealthiest to pay for all of it. Then, go to American people and compare/contrast the two proposals. See which one of the two they favor, your’s or the GOP/Trump version. Force the issue. Force the Susan Collins, Dean Heller, Rob Portman, Lisa Murkowski types to choose whose side they’re really on.

As long as health care remains in the profit-making corporate sector and publicly traded, there will never be a satisfactory solution to its management and operation. Observe how many corporations in other lines of business have little or no regard for public safety or people’s lives, as long as they can get away with it.

Look at how they manipulate with their rhetoric and advertising. Notice how they maneuver their accounting strategies to take advantage of loopholes. This is how our health care industries operate, too. Think about the number of times you have heard expressions like “It’s only business” or “It’s only politics” in order to rationalize an immoral act. It’s unfortunate that we accept these concepts so easily in American society, and it’s even more unfortunate that this applies to health care, as well.

Where does it end?

Trump is destroying the presidency as we knew it. Congress is uncharted territory, trying to ram through such important legislation so quickly and with no debate.

Is the Supreme Court next? We take a lot for granted there. But if we get a majority of youngish extreme conservatives in there, they could upend decades of the “rule of law.” They could declare Social Security illegal. The entire safety net that people take for granted, and so much else, will be vulnerable to fresh legal challenges that would find a bizarrely welcoming audience in the Supreme Court if we get one more Extremist on the Court.

This nation and its leaders need to build some empathy and understanding of the lives, challenges, and opportunities of people in this country who live different lives than their direct constituents. They don’t have to agree, but they have to understand how their proposals would impact the rest of the country, and what policies and legislation they are opposing and why.

We have a vast and diverse country and people. This has been a wonderful source of our strength and success. We need to remember that before we demonize each other and try to implement policy and legislation whose impact on people across the entire country is not truly understood.

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