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The Senate Healthcare Bill: Thank God For The CBO

By Jason Taylor

As the rest of the industrialized nations look on in horror at what amounts to a Republican plan to cause great suffering and the needless deaths of millions of its ordinary citizens, among them the most vulnerable (children, the elderly, the impoverished, the masses living paycheck to paycheck) in order to secure more tax breaks for the obscenely wealthiest few, I hope they will take action against the US on par with the boycotts of South Africa under apartheid. The Republican tax break masquerading as a health care plan amounts to an abuse of human rights.

I don’t know which I’m more shocked by, the bait-and-switch tactics of McConnell in releasing a major amendment to the bill after it is sent to the CBO for scoring; the callousness with which the Republicans would let people die as punishment for going without insurance; or the fact that not one of these Republicans will be able to read the entire bill before voting on it. Never in our history as a democratic republic have so few done so much to harm to so many.

Our employees, the Congress, is trying to create a health care system that they won’t even have to use. No wonder they don’t care who they hurt with their self- serving decisions

This is not a Health Insurance Bill- it is a massive tax cut for the wealthy paid for in human suffering and quite possibly death. There is no other way to honestly describe it. There is nothing stopping members of the Senate and House from both parties to write up a new bill from scratch- outside the fingers of the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader- who can go home and campaign for it to their constituents. Not a Democratic Bill or a Republican Bill, but a proper bill that speaks to the needs and challenges of our Nation.

Everything does not have to be a Red Team vs Blue Team Cage Match. I guess you could call what I am asking for is a little leadership. Congress could do itself a good thing by sitting down as elected representatives of the people and putting politics aside to hash out something that will help our people and be fiscally responsible. Americans might even think of Congress as an institution worthy of a little respect.

Americans should demand better health coverage solutions from their elected representatives that are fairer and equitable across the board. What will happen to the thousands that cannot pay under the Republican’s plan?

It’s always puzzled me as to why the collective wealth of this nation hasn’t been leveraged to finally put this issue to bed once and for all. But the “I’ve got mine and keep those tax cuts coming — hell with the rest of you” attitude of half of the country has irreparably poisoned the nation’s ‘community’ well. Watch any documentary on animals trying to survive in the wild or on the plains of the Serengeti and you’ll note that they all drink from the same body of water. In their world — it’s not a restricted source of sustenance. We could learn a few things from those wild beasts.

Republicans want health care to crash and burn. They have primed their base through Fox News to expect healthcare to fail and blame it on Obama. Forget the facts — facts are an inconvenient truth they can override by Fox propaganda that plays to their fundamentally racist base. The Republican strategy is to obliterate Obama’s legacy achievements regardless of the human cost and pass huge tax breaks for the mega wealthy. They have gerrymandered and suppressed the vote to ensure an electoral college and congressional majority.

The House and Senate Obamacare replacement bills DO NOTHING to achieve Trump’s or the GOP’s goals of providing lower health insurance premiums/deductibles, comparable protection for those with pre-existing medical conditions or stabilization of private health insurance markets. In fact, according to many informed sources, including the Congressional Budget Office, the Senate’s bill will leave over 20 million Americans without health insurance, achieve the false economy of reducing the federal deficit by transferring the costs of providing medical care of the uninsured to the insured and spend over $320 Trillion on wasteful inefficient tax breaks.

Underinsured and uninsured millions will still get sick and have to be treated in the America’s overwhelmed urgent care facilities. Millions of American’s will be forced into bankruptcy by medical bills, something no other modern advanced economy allows to occur.

If you’re poor because the industry that once employed your family’s breadwinner and your neighbors’ moved overseas, it’s your fault. If your family’s breadwinner is therefore unemployed or underemployed, too bad. If you are under Medicare age and not disabled but can’t afford health insurance or the medications you need, just sell your third home to pay for them. If you get sick at any age and can’t work, why can’t your family take you in?

If after a lifetime of work you are old and have spent your money, but Medicaid is underfunded and your nursing home throws you out, don’t expect billionaires to help out. They don’t care.

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