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Ten Takeaways on Trump’s Approval From the Latest International Poll

By Darrell Roberts 

In the latest Pew Research Center International poll, under President Trump’s leadership, the United States favorability has dramatically decreased around the globe. In a consensus of 37 countries, confidence in Trump to “do the right thing when it comes to international affairs” stands at an average of “just 22%.” The trust in American leadership has fallen drastically from 64% during the closing years of the Obama administration.

What can be learned from this new survey? Answer: The view of Trump’s America around the globe.  

Ten takeaways from the newest international poll:

One: America’s favorability dropped greatly among neighboring Mexico and Canada in addition to allied nations across Europe and Asia. In the 37 nations polled, President Trump only scored higher than Obama in two countries: Israel and Russia.

Two: The common view among the 37 surveyed nations sees an unchanged relationship with the U.S. but those who do expect a change, believe their relationship with the U.S. will grow worse.

Three: President Trump’s character and policies are broadly disliked.  Such as 76% globally oppose expanding the wall between the U.S. and Mexico. In Mexico, the border wall is opposed by 94% of those surveyed.

Four: Comparable levels of the world oppose the President’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and threats of abandoning established trade agreements. Also, most disapprove of Trump’s travel ban on Muslim-majority countries.

Five: President Trump is viewed around the globe as “arrogant, intolerant, and dangerous.” Furthermore, most do not consider the President to be well-qualified and do not believe he cares about the average citizen.

Six: Trump’s initial rating closely resembles President Bush’s 2008 ratings.  This is especially evident across allied Western European countries.

Seven: President Trump’s 22% favorability score was lower than both Chinese President Xi Jinping (28%) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (27%). The most popular leader in the survey was German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a 42% average. However, Merkel’s favorable rating is an impressive 60% across Western Europe.

Eight: The Pew Research Center survey data was collected before the official announcement that the U.S. would pull out the Paris Climate Accord. Thus, Trump’s abysmal ratings may have been worse as only 19% of those surveyed were in support of a U.S. exit from the Paris accord.

Nine: Only 2 out of the 37 countries viewed President Trump more favorable than President Obama–Israel and Russia. In Israel, 81% have a positive view of President Trump (Obama’s favorability ranged from 49-71% during his presidency). In Russia, Trump was judged favorably by 41% which is higher than any rating Bush or Obama had ever obtained.

Ten: Despite the negative evaluation of President Trump, the impression of the American people remains a positive 58% across the nations surveyed.

The summary of the latest Pew Research Center poll indicates that President Trump is overwhelmingly viewed negatively throughout most of the world. The President’s personality, actions, and policies are disliked among America’s greatest allies.

Furthermore, the President’s policies on expanding the Mexico/U.S. wall, pulling out of the climate accord, and banning U.S. entry from Muslim-nation countries may appeal to his base but gravely damage the President’s appeal abroad.

Despite his record Russian approval, the poll reveals that President Trump is less popular than the leaders of both China and Russia. However, President Trump’s loss has paved the way for Angela Merkel to claim the ceremonious title of the most admired Western leader.

Most importantly, throughout a majority of the world, the perception of the American public remains positive.  Thus, it is essential that Americans come together to continue to maintain or expand upon the world’s confidence in “We the People of the United States.”

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