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Conflicts Of Interest

By Andrew Witzel

I’m not surprised anymore about the ever lowering bar that the Trump Administration is being measured by. He has continued to become more unfavorable with each tweet, his administration is dysfunctional and he has his family in senior positions who not only share Trump’s conflicts of interest, but have their own conflicts of interest. What is surprising at this point is how no one has had to face any consequences of continuing to play both sides of the “conflict of interest” fence. My belief is that consequences are coming, but if this were anyone else, swift consequences would have been exercised by now.

Most recently Jared Kushner is in the hot seat for having obtained a $285 million loan the evening before election day in 2016 from Deutsche Bank. The very same bank that is the Trump family’s biggest lender that reached a settlement for money laundering with New York regulators in December 2016. The scheme was suspected of being tied to the Russian government. By the end of 2016, Trump’s company owed more than $360 million to Deutsche Bank and Kushner owed more than $275 million. Kushner’s loan was used to purchase retail floors in a New York building in Midtown Manhattan.

It came with a so-called “bad boy” clause, which allows the bank to hold guarantors responsible for debt in case there is fraud or misuse of the funds.

Kushner and his brother Joshua filed themselves as guarantors and can be held responsible for misconduct connected to the bank’s money. For example, if that money is connected to Russian activities with the November election directly or indirectly. Adding insult to injury for Kushner, he failed to disclose the loan or the fact he was listed as a guarantor on his financial forms filed with the Office of Government Ethics. Seeming more like a soap opera than reality, the Trump family has created large conflicts of interest all around them leaving them vulnerable and leading to consequences such as Trump facing impeachment. No surprise, but Kushner, Deutsche Bank or the White House failed to comment on any of this.

What is becoming clearer and clearer is that no one involved with Trump or his administration has anyone’s best interest other than their own. The fact that Kushner and Trump have both retained most of their real estate empires is proof positive they’re in this for themselves. America’s best interests are fleeting and mentioned only to their benefit and quickly thrown aside when no longer needed for a “ratings boost.” Trump’s favorability ratings right now are a clear indication that people aren’t as stupid as he thinks they are.

Kushner will pay his dues. Trump will pay his dues. I just hope that the American people don’t suffer the waves of consequences leading up to them paying their dues.

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