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#PresidentLoco Is At It Again!

By Tiffany Rodgers 

We most definitely need to discuss this highly intriguing tweet Trump made this past week. First, for the sake of this article, I will be addressing Trump with the nickname @AnaNavarro deemed for him – #PresidentLoco. It seems to fit perfectly in this instance (well, in every instance actually).

Here’s what #PresidentLoco tweeted without any provocation:

If you read that correctly, he’s changed his stance from ‘what Russian meddling’ to ‘Obama knew and didn’t do anything about it.’  When you read that, do you hear a twelve-year-old boy tattling on his sibling?  I most certainly do not hear a person who is supposed to be holding the highest office in the USA. Not only does he sound like a child, but he is inadvertently  admitting to knowing about this Russia meddling.

Now, for someone under investigation for partaking in Russia meddling, this probably wasn’t the smartest move (although, are any of Trump’s moves smart…hmmm…nope, I can’t think of any either). I’m sure #PresidentLoco’s lawyer’s lawyers are probably doing a huge facepalm right about now. That has got to make their job a bit more difficult (Oh well don’t feel too bad for them, I am sure they’re getting paid enough for the added hassle). What was #PresidentLoco’s reasoning for tweeting such an interesting 140 word statement?

Blaming Obama was his main goal here. Trump’s accidental admission was completely blinded by his longing to throw Obama under the bus. He wasn’t thinking ‘I am initially admitting Russia involvement.’  Oh no, he was putting it out there that Obama was the one that missed the mark on this one. Of course, everything was Obama’s fault…right? I’m sure Obama was standing over Trump encouraging him to interact with Russia. Obama was forcing #PresidentLoco to say positive things about Putin the whole time. Quite the intervening mischievous mortal Obama is…huh? We should’ve known all along it was his fault. #PresidentLoco is never to blame; he is Perfect (just so we are clear, I am writing that dripping with sarcasm).

What should happen now? Well, the House of Representatives could take that as a confession and set into motion the process to impeach #PresidentLoco.  However, I am extremely skeptical about that happening anytime soon, if at all.  Of course, that gets me thinking about a ‘President Pence’ in office. Is that what we are aiming for here? Doesn’t really seem like a viable option. Maybe, he too knew about Russia and participated with them. That would then give us a ‘President Ryan’…Oh goodness, one hurdle at a time! Anyways, I digress.

Trump’s tweet shouldn’t be dismissed. It should be taken into account for this investigation. I recall a quote during the election process, “Can this country afford to have a president under investigation by the FBI?  Think of the trauma that would do to this country.”

This Rubio quote was in regard to Hillary. However, it eerily fits our present situation…don’t you agree?


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