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“We’ll Always Have Paris”

By Laura J. Peterson

So the other day the headline came across my phone that Donald Trump had ended the government’s research into Y2K seventeen years after it didn’t happen and I thought “good for him wtf government?!?!?” and went on about my day. I didn’t become a Trumpkin or an apologist Vichy Republican nor did my head explode from agreeing with him on one little thing.

This reminded me of a guy I know who seemed to go full Trumpkin because he agreed with pulling out of the Paris Climate Change deally-bop. To which I said any of the seventeen would have done that and he said no you don’t understand politics only Ted Cruz blah blah. Even if that’s true I thought you sexist prick, the fact that Ted Cruz would do so goes to show that Mr. Trump deserves no great credit for this worthless as tits on a boar base-appeasing stunt.

However, my larger point remains that you can agree with Donald Trump on one small thing like, for example, the travel restrictions are simply the same exact policy of previous administrations and if he hadn’t called them a ban like a ninny wouldn’t have caused a ripple. You can put it another way attempt to train the President of the United States, God helps us all, like a puppy without becoming a Trumpkin. So don’t be so quick to judge that your fellow man has turned traitor to the Never Trump cause.

You can also still think Donald Trump is an unqualified jackass as I have thought since he first started flirting with the idea of running for President in 1987 and like one or two things he does did or has done, it’s not like he thought them up himself anyway. You can bury Caesar and praise him at the same time without it affecting your thought processes one iota or becoming a pod person parrot Kool-Aid drinking tinfoil hatted Sean Hannity. You really can I promise.

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2 Comments on “We’ll Always Have Paris”

  1. we never can completely disagree with someone, and we can never totally agree with someone else. As someone always looking for that silver lining–sometimes leaving my head sore like I bashed it against the wall–I think you can give credit where credit is due and not “join the other side.” The overreaction is how this partisanship goes full tilt into crazy-town. Open minds and common sense should rule the day.

    • robbonixon // June 25, 2017 at 10:20 pm // Reply

      Yes and things seem to be getting more that way since the election not less. At least to me.

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