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The Republican Healthcare Bill: Deathcare For Millions Of Americans

By Jason Taylor

If this bill is passed and signed into law by Trump…and if 10–20 million lose health insurance…and if Medicare is phased out for most of the population…and if people’s deductibles and premiums go up…and if the rich get ANOTHER tax break. So what is going to happen next? So far the Dems are 0 and 5 in special elections.

If this new healthcare does become law will enough people in Republican swing districts reelect the incumbent Republican or a Democrat? Will Trump’s support seriously drop? So far Trump has pretty much not done anything as President yet again, Dems are 0 and 5 in special elections. Will this healthcare bill finally convince enough people to not vote for a Republican in 2018? If it does not, then yes, this country is totally screwed.

The Republican base is fine with a Republican health care bill (Trumpcare) that kicks 23 million Americans off their health care coverage and gives the rich a huge tax cut, because they would agree to saw off their own legs and glue live chickens to the stumps if they thought Democrats would be against them doing that. But anyone with a preexisting condition, anyone who has health insurance now that didn’t have it before, anyone on Medicaid who couldn’t get it before and anyone who has a basic sense of decency, hate it with a passion.

It’s a pity that Republicans have completely lost touch with average Americans. Polls average 74% of all Americans don’t want them to pass their version of healthcare, but they seem so obsessed with the tax cuts for themselves and their ultra-rich cronies, that they will steal the money from the poor and the elderly to give to the rich and themselves. How can they continue with their hypocrisy when they know that Americans hate the AHCA and see it for what it is, a tax cut for the rich?

Republicans now are the definition and the embodiment of hypocrisy. They are committing evil acts without remorse. They are an embarrassment to the people of America.

Republicans could secure their majority by doing one thing right: providing a single-payer full coverage health care system such as is done in most wealthy (and many not-so-wealthy) countries around the world. If this is all about keeping their jobs and their majority it is simple. But that does not seem to be where they are going. It seems that what they want above all is a way to keep the insurance and pharmaceutical company lobbyists happy and provide tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans who do not need it.

When Obama was in office and began work on the ACA, McConnell participated by making sure every roadblock was thrown up and encouraged and directed GOP leaders not to work with him or his party. When will GOP leaders who know better start standing up to this kind of direction and leadership? They cannot continue to be complacent and stand by knowing what this will do to millions of Americans. There are only so many days in a year people can take off to protest and implore with government leaders to begin listening and doing what’s right for the people they serve.

People aren’t talking about the potential impact as one-in-five Seniors counts on Medicaid to play their Medicare Premiums. Now, we know that Medicaid will be devastated as Trump-Republicans remove $600 billion to replace the Bush Tax Cuts for the Top Two Percent of Taxpayers. Medicaid cuts will hit Seniors especially hard, and some might no longer be able to remain in Medicare. Chances are that many who drop-out, will be the younger and healthier Seniors, skewing the participant pool toward much higher risk levels.

This manipulation of the Affordable Care Act participant pools has already skewed the risks levels, which increases the Margin of Error, by reducing the size of the statistical pool of participants, while making it riskier. So even if you totally pay your own Medicare, you can expect the premiums to rise, if ACA is repealed and replaced.

I’m not sure there is a member of Congress who is not in the pocket of some insurance lobbyist, except, maybe Al Franken. I do know that at least one of my senators, Ted Cruz, is up to his nose in those pockets. Probably John Cornyn as well.

The only healthcare plan I want to hear about is the single-payor plan that our Congresspeople are provided by us, the American taxpayers. All citizens should be covered by this national healthcare plan which WOULD WORK BECAUSE both healthy and unhealthy would be covered, balancing the risk, unlike the current unbalanced distribution: the government covering the elderly and unhealthy via Medicare and Medicaid, while insurance companies cover only the young, healthy population.

This wasn’t the original concept of health insurance. It was based on a good-faith contract between the insurer and insured. Insurers accepted premiums to cover the health care expenses of a balance of both healthy and unhealthy patients, accepting the risk of having to pay for the health care of those needing medical intervention while receiving payment for them and for those who were fortunate enough not to need treatment.

We got to the place where insurers receive enormous amounts of corporate welfare, cost reductions from healthcare institutions that patients do not receive, and the ability to practice pre-existing-condition wizardry during the past several decades because of lobbying (bribery being the vernacular term). It’s more profitable to simply pay Congresspersons.

If McConnell succeeds in ramming this tax reduction through the Senate and hospitals close, are bankrupted, insurance premiums skyrocket, and people are denied treatment and die, no one will mistake the cause. Like Hurricane Katrina, dead bodies will be a stark reminder, undeniable evidence that Republicans do not care about any American who is not a beneficiary of the tax cut that repealing the ACA will bestow on the rich.

This is a brutal lesson, but one that may be necessary for the base to recognize Republican disdain for them, the under-educated white males and their wives, the fearful emotionally labile underemployed, the racist xenophobes, the Islamaphobes. The base will share in the widespread suffering that the GOP is intent on inflicting on the country for the sake of a tax cut for the very rich. How tragic.


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