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Parties Should Be Fun, Not Political!

By Tiffany Rodgers 

Hello. Older Millennial here (actually I barely make the cut-off, but I’m trying to hang on to my youth, so just roll with it for me). I am a newly reformed Republican. Wait! Scrape that! I am a mixture of both sides. Right and left.

Not too long ago I was a hardcore conservative. What changed all that? Trump! The GOP was telling all Republicans to “get behind Trump”. During the election, I kept asking myself ‘Why’? Why would I get behind some billionaire that has never walked a day in my shoes? Homeboy doesn’t know what its like not to know where the next meal is coming from. He’s never experienced the worry you have when you have no income coming in. He’s never gone a day without high-quality healthcare (although, he could use it a little more – if you catch what I’m throwing). Wait! Have any of the Republicans gone through any of those things? Not exactly! Most come from money! They have never had any wants. After realizing that, it made sense why they were encouraging us ‘normal folks’ to get behind what was THEIR normal. This new eye-opening world of thoughts made me dig deeper as to why I was such an avid conservative.

I started paying attention to everyone! Bernie, Hillary, Trump, Cruz… I mean everyone. I watched both sides debates. As a devoted Republican, in the past, I had never watched the “other side” debate because I already knew they were wrong. Without dragging you back into the details of the dizzying past that was the election season, just know I was doing my homework, a lot of homework.

Right now, I would say I am without a political party for the first time since I was a teen. I do not feel that I have betrayed my former party; they have betrayed me…us! Now I didn’t just jump ship to the DNC either. I am truly a mixture of what I think are important aspects from both sides. That got me thinking. How many others have to awaken to their personal truths instead of squeezing into the party box? Millennials are all about being unique. Maybe it’s time to rethink the two party system.

Was that two party system written in the Constitution? Why have we just allowed this to be the political norm? Perhaps, if we broke out of this two party crap more would get done in Washington. No more pressure from “your fellow Republicans” to vote the Republican way; or vice versa for that matter. What does “voting your party” even mean? Shouldn’t each person in Washington vote to make America better…stronger…united? Not voting a certain party because of ‘well that’s the party I’m a part of and I have too’. WHAT? No! You are a part of the party of the United States!

I do realize this is a lofty, unrealistic dream. Breaking tradition is extremely difficult and controversial. Sad that it has to be that way. However, there is still that glimmer of hope inside that, perhaps, if I can get one more person to get out of robot mode…that would spread until it’s a whole lot of people breaking out of that mold and making some change. This super wise dude once said (yeah I’m talking about Gandhi), “Be the change you want to see in the world”. He didn’t say to only be the change if it was easy or if it looked obtainable. He said to just be that change.



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1 Comment on Parties Should Be Fun, Not Political!

  1. I don’t know if more political parties are the answer or maybe just better people. Political campaigns are difficult and very expensive. Look at Georgia this week. It cost a fortune. Only rich people have that kind of money and they demand your soul in return. England and France have more then two parties. Are they doing any better? I disagree with many of President Trump’s political views but so what? Elections are meant to address our political differences. However as a person I find his personal life, his actions, his speaking, his low esteem for other people and lack of loyalty reprehensible. How can people, honest caring people continue to support the type of person he appears to be irrespective of his political views? I am sure there are others in both parties who as people are not the best we can do. I’m not sure how we can change but I am trying as one person as best I can.

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