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Ten Takeaways on Trump’s Approval From The Latest National Poll

By Darrell Roberts 

In the latest CBS News national poll, President Trump’s approval rating has fallen to a new CBS poll low of 36% (down 5% from the previous CBS poll). The President’s approval in this poll is within the margin of error of other credible national polls. What can be learned from this new survey? Answer: All about the public’s view on Trump/Russia. 

Ten takeaways from the newest national poll:


One:  Most disapprove (63%) the President’s handling of the Russian investigation; But, 57% of Republicans favor Trump’s approach to the inquiry.

Two: A majority (71%) believe Trump faces more criticism than other recent Presidents; However, no follow-up questions are asked if the criticism is fair and warranted.

Three: Half (50%) claim that criticism of the President does not change their support for him; Plus, Republicans are motivated (at a 34% rate) to increase backing the President.

Four:  A remarkable 66% surveyed believe that Russia’s 2016 Election interference was either a serious or critical issue; a surprising 47% of Republicans agree.

Five: An almost equal (65%) think Trump associates were somewhat/very likely to have engaged improperly with Russia during the Election Campaign.

Six: Three out of five say that Trump’s handling of the Russian investigation–has no impact on their view of the President. However, 61% of Democrats consider him negatively due to his actions.

Seven: Trump’s efforts toward the Russian investigation are observed by 57% of Republicans as an attempt to protect America; Overall, 64% disagree and view the President’s actions as being meant to shield an inquiry into his administration.

Eight: In the private interactions between Trump and Comey, the former FBI Director’s account is believed (57%) over the President’s version (31%); Yet, Republicans overwhelmingly favor Trump’s story (64%) over Comey’s statement (24%).

Nine: Most (56-30% margin) think the Special Counsel will conduct an impartial investigation; in a rare case of approval, Republicans agree by 46 to 38% margin.

Ten: ALL political groups agree (81-15%) that President Trump should not try to stop the Special Counsel’s Russian investigation.

In summary,  the President’s approval and support ratings remain considerably divided along partisan lines.  However, the poll does strongly infer that the President’s actions toward the Russia investigation are creating a decline in his overall support.

Furthermore, most Americans want an investigation to reveal the truth into the 2016 Election meddling by the Russians and any possible nefarious links to the Trump campaign.

Most importantly, the poll numbers suggest that President Trump, Congress, and the mainstream media (MSM) are not adequately informing the public on neither the scope of Russia’s election meddling nor the ongoing investigation.

Therefore, all are urged to set aside personal partisan politics and/or sensationalism for the greater good of America that can only be provided by the truth.

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