Trump Can’t Buy His Way Out Of This Fight

By Jason Taylor

Mitch McConnell may be the only person standing between Trump and impeachment. I am thoroughly convinced Trump will shoot himself in the foot until Mueller has a strong case for obstruction of justice. I feel certain someone will go down for colluding with the Russians but I doubt it will get back to Trump. So it will come down to the Senate. McConnell has already shown his willingness to violate the Constitution and steal a Supreme Court seat. Now he has locked out Democrats and the public in the health care process. So Trump may survive this crisis as well. It’s almost as important to remove Mitch McConnell as it is Donald Trump.

There are only two things that really matter: 218 and 67, the numbers needed to impeach in the House and convict in the Senate.

Until those numbers are reached Trump will get away with what is already true: he is the most corrupt President ever, both in using the office to enrich himself, and violating the law and Constitution to protect himself. There are any number of scenarios to getting rid of Mueller and he is laying the groundwork by attempting to sully Mueller’s gilt-edged reputation, aided by the usual loud liars: Gingrich, Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Hannity, etc.

Next is the way to get rid of him. Trump could claim that as Executive he can reverse the Justice Dept rules on who can fire Mueller, which were given the force of law by Congress. Would the GOP stop him? Doubtful. Or he could replace Sessions and the new AG, not recused, could then fire Mueller. Or he could do a Nixon and order Rosenstein to fire Mueller and fire him if he refused, purging Justice of moral people till he found his “Robert Bork” to do his bidding. (Bork was the one who did NOT resign when ordered to fire Archibald Cox in the “Saturday Night Massacre” and did as Nixon bid) Or Trump could do an Erdogan and declare Martial Law for the duration of the “emergency”, seizing power as dictator. As Trump has no loyalty or honor, we should all be terrified.

Although Trump has been involved in a great deal of litigation, he is not prepared for what is now coming at him. Litigating for, I am sure, ridiculous sights because of his shady business dealings is a far cry from Robert Mueller bringing top talent to bear in order to investigate him and this entire Russian situation. This maybe the first time in trump’s life that he is being held accountable and he is behaving like a cornered animal. He can fight away, giving himself away in the process as he seems to do, but the truth will be revealed.

Trump has resorted to large settlements in the past when he saw the handwriting on the wall. Examples include the $25 million to settle the Trump University fraud claims, and refunding 90% of $3.16 million in deposits to settle the Trump Soho real estate lawsuit and to close a related criminal case against him. The trouble is he can’t buy his way out of this investigation. That dawning realization may be the reason for his sunrise rage-filled tweets and rants at the television news.

Trump thrives on bullying, anger, and grievance, which is why this whole mess is getting uglier by the day. When a legal strategy is defaming the staff of a special prosecutor based on how much they contributed to Democrats, well, this is why America is such a mess. I don’t recall Nixon or Clinton ever complaining about how many donations investigators made based on party affiliation. They complained of course, but not like Trump, who’s defaming Mueller to crush the investigation before it gets off the ground.

Trump fights by hurling money at problems, a tactic that won’t work in DC. Which is why he’s so frustrated: the rule of law has never stopped him before, why should it now?

When the Trump people attack Robert Mueller, we should reflect on who that man is, and try to have his biography repeated as often as possible:
— he was appointed as director of the FBI by George W. Bush, a Republican.
— he joined the Marines as a tribute to a college classmate who was killed in Vietnam. He went to Vietnam and won a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.
— He is admired by all who have worked with and for him.
— He has battled cancer himself, and his wife has battled cancer twice.
— One of their two children was born with spina bifida. He took a job in Boston for a while so they could be near the Children’s Hospital there.

Compare this man to the draft dodger with bone spurs, three wives, phony businesses, multiple bankruptcies, buildings with his name in gold all over the world, whose major obsession is the game of golf and the making of money by any means possible. Who would you trust to find out the truth about money laundering, election fraud, and attacks on our Republic?

Trump’s defense has always been to go on offense. But this maybe one fight where that strategy may backfire.

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