Some Thoughts On The GA06 Election Today

By Susan Kuebler

First a confession.  It’s been quite interesting being at the center of the political universe the last few weeks. Everyone and their brother clamouring for my vote. Plus the feeling that my single vote might really make a difference to the political landscape of the country.

Even though I’m a lifelong GOP voter, I decided during the initial primary that I would vote for Jon Ossoff. My primary (no pun intended) reason was to send a message to Donald Trump. I did not vote for Trump in the primaries nor in the general election. My feelings appeared to be shared by a number of my fellow Sixth District voters as Trump’s margin of victory was barely 1.5%.

But this rationale changed after watching the first debate between Ossoff and Handel. I won’t go into all the reasons now. If you’re interested I wrote an earlier article on this topic. But after the debate I was no longer voting against Trump. I was voting for Ossoff.

Yesterday and today Donald Trump has tweeted out several pro-Handel and anti-Ossoff messages, not counting the one he had to delete because he spelled Handel’s name incorrectly.

Perhaps he didn’t get the same memo that Karen received after the initial primary. The more closely aligned a candidate was to Trump, the worse they did.

Trump also decided to attack Georgia-born Ossoff for not being able to vote because he lives 10 minutes outside the district. Does Donald think we’ve forgotten that his own adult children couldn’t vote for him in the New York primary because they were not registered Republicans?

If anything Karen Handel meets the classic definition of a “carpetbagger.”. Those Republicans from up North (she’s from Washington, D.C.) who came down to help us poor ignrnt Southerners run things right.  She’s tried to play to the Trump base without using the Trump name

The polling numbers indicate this is going to be a close race. That, I think, is a good thing because the outcome is going to depend on one thing – turnout, turnout, turnout.

In this Ossoff would seem to have the edge.  His supporters are enthusiastic and motivated.  This race is not Karen Handel’s first time at the rodeo. She’s run for office six times now, winning only twice. She’s certainly not getting support from people of the other party (unlike Ossoff) and her personality can best be described as “meh.”. Not that this is a reason to vote for or against anyone, but I doubt her followers are all that fired up about her either.

No matter who wins the election, which will have to be contested again next year, the pundits will be debating the outcome and implications for months.  But for the GOP members in the House, even those in seats considered “safe” just the idea that an unknown Democrat has a reasonable chance of winning what was considered one of the “safest” GOP seats in the House will certainly cause some sleepless nights.  It might even lead to some much-needed soul searching on their support for Trump and his policies.

That may be the reason this has been the most expensive House election in history.  It certainly isn’t going to affect the GOP hold in the House of Representatives, but is could prove a portent of the elections to come.  In the final analysis this election really isn’t about who is going to represent the Sixth district  It’s a referendum on Donald Trump.  He knows that and so does the rest of the country

There will be some things I won’t miss after today.  The political ads on television, the phone ringing every 30 minutes by campaigns and pollsters, and everyone on Twitter telling me for whom I should vote.

But that respite will be short lived.  The 2018 midterms are just around the corner.


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  1. Another great piece, I agree with you on all points we need more centrist candidates like Ossoff in 2018

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