Get Jon Ossoff To Congress To Send A Message To Trump

By Bobby M.

As Trump’s approval ratings slide from the #TrumpRussia and obstruction of justice talk, the man needs to be sent a serious message. And there is no better way to do it than to have democrat Jon Ossoff win Georgia’s 6th district special election to fill that seat in the House of Representatives.

Jon Ossoff is running on a strictly #DumpTrump campaign in that everything he will do in congress if elected will be about confronting a presidential agenda that is hurting our country and the people that live in it. Want someone to try and fix the Affordable Care Act instead of put in that horrible Paul Ryan plan? He is your man. Want someone who will oppose massive tax dollars used on building a wall to satisfy an ego? Again, he is your man. Millions of other examples similar to those can easily be deduced as well.

If any republican is put into that position, you know that they will just be a lackey to Trump and the republican establishment. That is all the GOP does any more; what they think is good for the top members of their party. The party is all about putting their interests and those of their donors ahead of what is good for the country. This has been proven in a multitude of ways already as evidenced by supporting horrible cabinet selections (especially Betsy DeVos), continuing to allow Trump to hide his taxes, and by Devin Nunes trying to interfere in the House’s investigation into Trump just to benefit a lie Trump stated on Twitter regarding his false belief Obama ordered wiretapping of Trump Tower.

Imagine if Trump gets his way and some GOP lackey is elected. You know that he will just spin that election as a way to say everything he is doing is justified. That is all he cares about regarding Georgia’s special election, to twist the message into something that can be said the people approve of how he is doing things. He believes it so much, he went on record about a bunch of lies against Ossoff.

So electing Jon Ossoff will do two very important things. The most important will be sending someone to Washington D.C. who will not just be a tool for the Trump administration. You will also be sending a message to congress to stop justifying the actions of a tyrant wannabe. But something overlooked is how you will help prevent Trump from twisting the election into something to just satisfy his ego. “We The People” of this great country have already done enough to let his ego run wild, so now is the time to stand up and tell him to ‘Stop’, and you can do that by electing Jon Ossoff.

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