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Donald Trump Is Out Of Control

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump views his current position as CEO. The “Business” is the USA, which he thinks he should be able to run how he sees fit, regardless of the laws of the land and separation of powers. Trump is learning the difference between Governing The Country and Ruling a Business Empire. He does not like the lesson.

The attacks by Trump and Gingrich on Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are frightening. This is starting to feel like stage setting for a coup, followed by a dictatorship. If Mueller is fired and the investigation terminated or short-circuited to white wash, then effectively we have a coup, because if Trump gets away with it then what else can he get away with? The chance of this happening may not be that high but it is real and could increase if things spin out of control.

Trump did not expect to win the presidency. You could see it in his eyes when he met Obama after winning. His behavior, including confessing on NBC that he fired Comey because of his Russia investigation, indicates he does not wish to remain president, consciously or unconsciously. Confirmation of this wish would be Trump’s firing of Rosenstein and Mueller, it would speed impeachment proceedings and Trump would resign, citing the power of the “deep state” as a rationalization for doing so.

It’s starting to sound as though we may have a replay of Watergate. Nixon wanted special prosecutor Cox fired, attorney general Richardson refused and resigned along with the deputy attorney general. That said, I doubt attorney General Sessions would have the character and ethics to resign and would wind up firing Mueller. After that happens I have no idea what the next step would be.

Trump told Lester Holt it was his and his decision alone to fire Comey. His ego wouldn’t let him accept the fact that Clinton beat him in the popular vote and that it delegitimized his electoral college win. Trump fired the FBI director because it would have been officially proven that Russia influenced the outcome of the election. And now the special counsel is looking into his and family’s busy dealings as well as obstruction of justice. So this publicity stunt that he started two years ago today, may finally be the turning point where he pays for all the chaos he’s caused his entire life.

Now we understand the reason for the strange Rosenstein statement. Trump is enraged about that Mueller has targeted him and wants to fire the special counsel, but Rosenstein stands in his way. Hence Trump is pressuring the Deputy Attorney General to come to his defense. Rosenstein issued the statement in an attempt to pacify the President, keep his job, shield Mueller and prevent another “Saturday night massacre.” It remains to be seen whether this will work.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are dreaming of giving everything and more demanded by the “looters in suits,” i.e. executives from the banking, oil & gas, coal, and other industries. Has there ever in American history been a group of less patriotic, more disloyal, more traitorous band of thieves led by the unctuous and disreputable McConnell and Ryan than this dyspeptic band of Republicans? Their support for Trump is appalling and sickening. And the voters who support them are, in a word, deplorable. Enough is enough. Save the country. Vote out every Republican everywhere.

Based on news reports as well as Trump’s public statements, Trump had already decided to fire James Comey and then directed Rod Rosenstein to devise an ex-post facto justification for it. Hence the absurd memorandum that Comey was fired because of his handling of the Clinton email investigation. As thanks for his service to the President, Rosenstein becomes the subject of a Twitter rant.

Trump is going to find himself increasingly embattled and alone because he has demonstrated to everyone that loyalty to Trump is a one-way street. When you look back at scandals like Watergate and Iran-Contra they transpired as they did because many people went to great lengths to protect the President. Trump is not going to have many of those people and it will speed him on his way to becoming a political pariah.

Donald Trump should have stayed in his day job: being a failed businessman with a big mouth. That way he could have continued to be obnoxious, to lie, to exaggerate, etc., without having to be accountable. He doesn’t do well at being accountable for anything. Trump and the GOP: a marriage of incompetence that will never be equaled.

If we’re lucky they’ll self-destruct before things get really messy.


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