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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Has Quite The Selective Memory

By Jason Taylor

Tuesday on Capitol Hill Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions sounded torn between defending himself and defending a president that he doesn’t believe. Sessions seem to betray an awareness that he is being written into history right now and that it is not pretty. Jeff Sessions needs to ask himself whether the Attorney General represents the US government and the people it serves or is he primarily the counselor for the President of the United States, of which there are several Trump already appointed or hired.

Yesterday, I learned Jeff Sessions’ is NOT cool under pressure. He gets “nervous” when the questions come too fast, eh? Doesn’t seem like a great trait for an AG. And the last time I heard someone say that they either didn’t remember or couldn’t recall as much as I heard Jeff Sessions say it, it was in an Alzheimer’s treatment center. In reality, he was afraid he’d slip up and say something that forced him to run off and “spend more time with his family” in a right big hurry.

Jeff Sessions played rope-a-dope with the committee. Whenever he got sympathetic prodding from Republicans like Tom Cotton and John Cornyn, he vowed and promised to be tough and suddenly was very on point and sharp. Whenever he got asked questions the Trump administration wants to obfuscate, like from Kamala Harris or Angus King, he was suddenly folksy ole’ slow mind from down South who needed to dawdle on every word and waste time rolling out the longest version of “I don’t remember” he could, and if that didn’t work just run out the clock and say he couldn’t answer for absolutely no reason.

Watching this did not restore my faith, trust or confidence in Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He didn’t answer any of the Senator’s questions but rather read from a script and said he didn’t recall. To me, his unwillingness to be clear and answer the concerns of the American people and the Senators proves he cannot be trusted and shouldn’t be in such an important role.

I think Jefferson Beauregard Sessions drank the Trump kool-aid as he seems to be as evasive as the President himself in regards to his actions, responsibilities and connections with Russia.

As the senators made clear, THEY have a Constitutional responsibility to find out what happened here. Sessions, on the other hand, was unable to provide an actual basis for his refusal to answer their questions. In the face of their Constitutional responsibility, he merely replied with ‘I’d rather not because maybe the President might want to exercise his privilege at some point.’ Totally inappropriate and unacceptable from someone who is supposed to be the top legal officer in the country. An insult to the Senate and to democracy.

How long do you think before Trump has the Justice Department publicly sit down with him and he goes around the table asking them to introduce themselves and what they do — all with the implicit goal of making them be grateful for their jobs and sing his praises? Like the absolutely disgraceful, truly history making sickening display of obsequiousness we saw in the cabinet meeting Monday that disgraced our great country to the level of a tin pot dictatorship.

Behind everything Trump does is a desire for loyalty. You have this job because of me. Never forget that. He had the same expectations of Comey. Who refused to bow down before him.

Trump manages like a mafia boss or at best a head of a family business where personal loyalty is everything. He hasn’t figured out and will never figure out what “presidential” means. It’s Trump over the country. And the spineless lackeys in Republican Party have contributed to making their own god-emperor who feels he can literally stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot anyone.

If Trump fires Mueller, I predict that there will be a torrent of untraceable leaks implicating the campaign and, possibly, the President himself in the Russia scandal. Both Mueller and Comey are highly regarded in the FBI. Firing Mueller would show contempt for the rule of law. It would cause every upstanding FBI agent to believe that it is their patriotic duty to bring the President down. Trump would be committing political suicide by such an act.

Attorney General Sessions was among the very first prominent American politicians to endorse Trump and voice full-throated approval for his plans to build walls and divide Americans into greater and lesser categories of worthiness; a son of the South who at 70 years of age hasn’t yet learned the tragic lessons of his own place of birth and is still intent on repeating them, he will go down in history as one the main actors responsible for bringing the Trump catastrophe down on America.

We have not seen proof of collusion yet. I agree with that. However, there are lots of extenuating circumstances that indicate that we may at some point. The parallels between this situation and Nixon are amazing. However, what’s scary is that what it took to actually get results out of the Nixon situation was a split from partisan politics. I don’t think there’s a chance of that happening here. Trump will lie. Sessions won’t recall. And every Republican representative will make excuses.

Trump has already admitted that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. That sounds like the definition of ‘obstruction,’ and yes Mr. Sessions it is indeed ‘appalling.’

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