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Paul Ryan: “He’s Just New To This”

By Jason Taylor

I’ve come to the conclusion that being in Congress must be the best gig in the country. People in Congress will do anything, support anyone and say anything to not put their jobs in jeopardy — with absolutely no thought to how any of their actions may affect the country.

Paul Ryan’s lack of any ethical foundation makes me ashamed to call myself a fellow Catholic. Ryan’s self-serving approach to everything — everything — makes a mockery of Catholic Social Teaching. We could see the chasm between him and genuine Christianity on his face and on the face of Pope Francis during the pope’s visit in 2015.

While Paul Ryan is trying to justify Trump’s acts because of his lack of experience in Washington, the Russians continue preparing to intervene in our 2018 elections and elections in other countries. How bad this is going to end? God only knows. What will be his excuse when Trump mishandles a situation of national security that could lead us into an unwanted war?  That he’s new to this?  Sorry, Paul, that just isn’t going to cut it.

It was Trump’s outsider status during the campaign the Conservatives said then made him VERY well qualified to be president because he was not steeped in those DC protocols. Now, his lack of experience in DC protocols is given as the reason he should get a pass on asking the DCIA and the DNI to stop the FBI director from investigating his friend? A clear example of how the conservative mind, and ONLY the conservative mind, can hold two totally opposite thoughts at the same time and think they are making perfect sense.

I’m not sure what the GOP should be more ashamed of: Trump himself or their closed-door, back-alley maneuverings to rob Americans of the most basic health care and financial investment protections we would “hope” our government might provide its citizens.

Republicans don’t have an agenda except this: They, like their creature in the White House, have hammers with which they smash things. They smash history, smash progress, smash knowledge, smash intelligence, smash decency, smash governmental and political norms, smash people, smash families, smash the United States of America. The Republicans are NEVER going to stop defending Trump. Trump is not the disease, he is a big, obese, irretrievably stupid, ignorant, and mentally ill symptom of the disease the Republican party has infected this country with.

It’s unthinkable that of 17 challengers, five or six of whom sported excellent credentials, Republican primary voters would choose the churlish miscreant. Hence the desperate need for an apology. Mr. Ryan can’t possibly defend this situation, but the Trump voters force him to cobble together some kind of explanation. Trump is that 8-year-old bully who insults and then draws people in, never apologizing. Hence, it’s Marco Rubio, “little Marco”, who cows to the same Trump who offers no respect for him.

Trump is not a discussion on politics, he is a discussion on psychology. It was hard for the press initially to understand this; presidents inspire talk of political issues. Now we look at Trump to be an unbalanced personality who rants on Twitter, a medium that is well suited to the irrational outburst.

But we all know that it is the poorly educated, mesmerized Trump supporter who is informed by fake news from the Right Wing media outlets that unabashedly make money from their unquestioning minions. They offer no apologies for Trump. They’re in the money. A discussion of Right Wing media is not a discussion about news, it’s a discussion about gaining revenue from politics as entertainment.

When Ryan and others excused Trump’s acts as being due to his neophyte status or naïveté, the next questions posed to them should have been: regardless of his now acknowledged unfitness for the Presidency, are you not concerned about incontrovertible evidence that the Russians hacked our election and that your President has never once voiced any concern or curiosity about interference in our elections by a hostile power?

Even if we except that Trump is a neophyte and didn’t know he should not be having a private conversation with James Comey, what about Jeff Sessions? He left the room and allowed a private conversation to take place. He is Comey’s boss. Surely he knew that Trump should not be speaking privately with Comey. Shouldn’t he have stepped in and told the president this is not appropriate?

I wish Paul Ryan would apply one tenth of the creativity he used to defend Trump to the actual needs of the American people. Come on, Paul: you know better, and so do we. Donald Trump is the first to cast the first stone but God forbid anyone turns the tables. Street smart and vulgar, Trump certainly knows right from wrong, even if he rarely chooses the former. In fact, he prides himself at how much he can insult his critics. I’ve heard nobody respects or even takes him seriously in New York. So, is this why he left the city for a whole new class of people to hoodwink?

The GOP knows better but is too vested in rewarding their financial backers to let the indecency of a Donald Trump to stop them. In fact, I suspect they love his outrageous behavior, because it gives them cover for what they can now do in secret, with no one the wiser. I’m sure they think nobody will notice what they’re doing, as long as the public continues to be obsessed with how awful Trump is. Except eventually, it will all catch up with them, because you can’t hide highway robbery forever.

Trump has proven to be a challenge to the GOP on many, many fronts. But for a political party that has mastered demonizing others’ while excusing behaviors of their own party; Trump is proving to be extraordinarily difficult for the Republicans. Trump’s continuous excesses and lies are now testing even the best of the Republican apologists. The marathon of enabling which Trump requires will simply beat Republicans down over time. At that point, even they will believe it is time for Trump to go.

The core issue is that Trump voters actually enjoy it when Trump is reckless, when he laughs at the rule of law, and when he insults everybody in sight. This is the show that they paid to see. Donald Trump is playing the role of Genghis Khan, a savage cruel despot who does everything that is normally prohibited. And his fans love it!

Trump’s biggest fear is not that he will be impeached, but that eventually, he might become boring. Eventually, despite almost daily Trumpian fireworks, eventually, people might stop watching. Ratings might start to slip. And then the show will be over.

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