Message to #Ossoff Supporters: Poll Numbers Are Great – Ignore Them!

By Susan Kuebler

For those who live in the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia, and for the millions of people around the country who are following this hotly contested election, the recent polling released by the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Friday shows Jon Ossoff leading Karen Handel by 7 points – 51% to 44%.

This is welcome news for Democrats in the GA06 as well as Republicans who are thoroughly fed up with Donald Trump and the GOP.  These numbers should not come as a great surprise to those who watched Handel’s debacle of a performance in last week’s debate.  In particular her stunning statement “I do not believe in a living wage.”

There are still Republicans who remember America being “the shining city on the hill,” who embraced “compassionate conservatism” and were inspired by “a thousand points of light.”

Sadly for many of us, that is no longer the message of the GOP.

How many people stayed home last November because the polls showed Clinton leading by 3 to 5 percentage points?  The polls got in wrong then, just as they did for the Brexit vote and the recent General Election in Great Britain.

The ONLY poll that counts is the one held on Election Day!

In 1976, I drove 150 miles to vote for Gerald Ford against Jimmy Carter.  In Georgia!  Did I know that essentially wouldn’t count.  Of course I did.  But voting is a both a right and an obligation if we are to preserve our democratic way of life.

So please, my fellow voters in the GA06, don’t pay attention to a theoretical 7 point lead in the polls.  If you haven’t voted already, do so.  Either now or on election day.

And the same message applies to those people who support Karen Handel.  You also have a right and an obligation to make your voice heard.  That is how a democracy is supposed to work.  We are not tribes warring against one another, although there are many in politics who would like that to be the case.  We are fellow citizens of the same country with differing political views.

Even though I am a lifelong, registered Republican voter, I have no problem voting for a Democrat if I believe the Democrat is the better candidate.  Every American should always put Country before Party.  That is why those brave young men stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6th in 1944.  They weren’t fighting for a Democrat President.  They were fighting for a free America in a free world.

Keep them in mind if you think you are too tired, or the weather is too bad to get out, or it just doesn’t make a difference on June 20th.  It does make a difference, and so can you!

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