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Lordy, I Hope Trump Does Testify Under Oath!

In a press conference, President Donald Trump said he was willing to testify under oath about his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey.

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump really is a foolish man. He has been so careless with the truth for so long that when someone calls him a liar he thinks that the appropriate response is to call that person a liar. He really does not seem to understand that while a great number of people accept whatever he asserts to be believable, most people do not.

Donald Trump is not the victim of people who has misrepresented him so as to make people mistrust him. He’s the one who asserts incredible things which he cannot prove and does so frequently, and he is the greatest source of the problems which bedevil him.

As a narcissist everything that Trump says at that moment he believes is the truth.

So now we officially have two accounts of a common event — or series of events — which are in direct contradiction to one another. We must then choose, until more evidence surfaces, between an account delivered with the rigor and integrity of our onetime head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the account of a man who once claimed, for months, to have “proof” that our President at the time was not a US citizen. Tough call.

Comey’s a boy scout and squeaky clean lawyer with meticulous habits, and this is well-known. Trump is a shady real estate mogul with too many creditors and credibility problems, and this is well-known. The president is trying his old Roy Cohn “hit them back harder” tactics, and, well, there’s just no point this time.

It is unclear to me how openly providing unclassified notes for publication can be considered “leaking.” It is also unclear to me how anyone can take at face value statements such as “I didn’t say that” directly followed by “and there’d be nothing wrong if I did say it.” Did he or did he not say it? The focus of the hearing as I understood it is not whether the Trump campaign worked with the Russians to elect Trump, so it is not surprising that there was no proof offered of that.

The goal of the hearing was to determine the actions that led to the firing of Comey. Since Trump proudly admitted that he fired Comey because of the “Russian thing” when he did not drop the investigation into Flynn, the firing was arguably retribution for not doing as Trump requested. In many circles that is defined as obstruction.

When you have to tell the whole world that you are not a liar you’ve already lost. Trump’s impeccable record for veracity, whether as John Miller or Donald Trump is well known. I just assume he’s lying when his lips are moving.

And now we know exactly why Trump insisted on being alone with Comey: precisely to deny whatever Comey might repeat about that conversation, especially publicly. Meanwhile, Trump says that over time he will release information about audio tapes that he apparently has his and Comey’s conversations. I take that as seriously as I take Trump’s claims that he has investigators with information about President Obama’s birth certificate.

Trump is making his entire “presidency” about him and covering his own you-know-what. He cares nothing for the nation. He ONLY cares about using the resources available to him to fatten his own wallet and believes he is above the limits of the law. That belief is precisely what makes him unfit for office.

In the interim, he is dropping hints everywhere that he intentionally sought to call the dogs off Michael Flynn. If Republicans were real patriots, they’d file articles of impeachment against Trump, just as they already would have done if Obama or Clinton had done as Trump as has done. Republicans know that to be true; denying it is pointless. This has gone well beyond R and D. At this point, anyone who defends Trump is simply blinded by their loyalty to him.

This is getting ridiculous. Trump is lying and everyone knows it. This is the first time in his life he has been held accountable and he lashes out like a screaming toddler who doesn’t get his way. Pathetic. What have we come to?

Let us cut to the chase. Let us stop trying to parse Trump’s erratic behavior, misinformation, and lying and call a bum a bum. Then we move him out of power and replace him with someone who understands how our government is run and respects the Nation’s democratic ideals as well as the rule of law. Let us clean out the pretenders to the throne and restore order to the chaos currently roiling our Country.


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