An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton–Hit Trump Where it Hurts

By Darrell Roberts 

Secretary Clinton,

Welcome back to the public spotlight. Certainly, it must be difficult to win the vote but lose the Presidency. Therefore, take all the time you need to heal your soul. Sure, the detractors and haters are angrily greeting your return insisting that you accept defeat or just shut up and go away. So what? These people are wrong, and they often overlook your lifetime of service and accomplishments. Your right to speak to the public is well-earned.

However, the purpose of this letter is not to rehash the 2016 Presidential election.  No, my intent is to encourage and support.

Secretary Clinton, you have accomplished more than any woman (and most men) in American political history. Despite all the negativity, you remain the “World’s Most Admired Woman” for the twenty-first time (not “fake” news)! As a champion of gender equality, your historical legacy will inspire generations of women and young girls.

As one of the most qualified Presidential candidates ever—your loss to an unqualified candidate like Donald Trump may continue to puzzle you. But, Secretary Clinton…you’re not the only smart or competent person that Trump beat. Nope. He swamped Kasich, Bush, Christie, the unrefined intellectual genius known as Ted Cruz, and a still on the rise future star Marco Rubio.  Each far more qualified to be the leader of the free world than Mr. Trump. Yet, each of you fails to understand why Trump won.

Usually, it’s not my policy to offer unsolicited advice, but when it comes to Donald Trump, your intellectual ability will not work.  So, as a “regular” guy, my experiences have led me to encounter many, perhaps a hundred, would-be Trumps (minus a bigly inheritance).

First, realize that you’ve already beaten Trump. Sure, he holds your precious—the Presidency. However, as his friend, Howard Stern, has pointed out—Trump does not want to be President. Donald Trump’s only desire is what you have—popularity and freedom! But you’re blowing it.

Politics can wait. If you are contemplating another Presidential run (please don’t), the next election is still over 3-years away. However, the reality show known as Trump’s Presidency could abruptly end at any moment. Thus, timing is everything. President Trump doesn’t care that you are out giving speeches, interviews, and engaged in intellectual endeavors—the same ole boring stuff that he’s now required to do.

If you wish to demoralize Trump, then hit him where it hurts!

Come on, Secretary Clinton enjoy some selfish fun and golf daily, appear on reality TV, and hang out with the coolest people (like Howard Stern). Oh, and make sure to invite TMZ along. Lastly, do not forget to tweet, tweet, and tweet. If this idea is too outlandish, or if golf is not your “thing,” please consider a suitable alternative.

This proper plan will accomplish two things at once. Not only will Mr. Trump be envious, but it will also support a worthy cause. Perhaps, you recently learned that the Trump Organization may have skimmed large amounts of money meant to help children with cancer? Let’s get that money back and make sure it gets to where it rightfully belongs—the children.

Let’s hold a charity golf event.

Ideally, the event could be held at the President’s favorite location, Mar-A-Lago and you could “stiff” him out of his fee (by donating it to charity). Ah, but Mar-A-Lago is currently closed. Plus, Trump properties are likely to collect payment before service—because Trump knows, there’s a lot of cons out there. Okay, the location can be determined later but let’s move on to the guest list.

Of course, President Obama and Rosie O’Donnell will top the list. As will many elite entertainers and the like. However, this will not be an elitist event and should be inclusive to invite everyone that Mr. Trump has insulted, attacked, or deemed as “losers.” (Note: Senator Ted Cruz will receive an invite that is later rescinded.)

What do you say, Secretary Clinton? Are you on board with being a mischievous troll while doing a great deed?

If you have any lingering uncertainty, then consider an additional sweetener of my offer to have you as my first interviewee for!

PS, I’m serious, Secretary Clinton. Let’s do this.

Does Love Still Trump Hate?

Darrell Roberts



  1. Thank you, fellows. Still no word back from Hillary. However, it’s never worth giving up on a great cause. We’ll keep trying.

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