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The Comey Statement: Donald Trump Is A Liar, A Bully, And A Criminal

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump’s apologists are saying Trump is a novice with no experience in government and therefore he’s really not responsible for any wrongs. These are not just simply wrongs though; they are crimes and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Trump knew what he was doing was unlawful though because he purposely asked everyone to leave him alone with Comey, even Sessions. Trump also was told by Comey there were other channels Trump could use to speak to him through yet time and again after that, Trump again asked Comey to in effect clear Trump of any crimes by stating so publicly.

The smoking gun, however, was Trump telling Comey that maybe Comey wanted to leave his job. That was a wink wink moment where Trump was making Comey an offer Trump thought Comey couldn’t refuse — e.g., ‘Drop the case and clear me pal or you’re fired’. And guess what.

This isn’t going to end well for Trump. He should resign, walk into Marine One, thank the country and hide out in Florida for a few years. Pence can be a lame duck until 2020 and we can move on.

The sad part of this is that the Republican leadership in Congress, even when confronted with what seems to be a clear case of obstruction of justice by the president will probably do nothing to hold him accountable. They just want to hold on to power of the branches of government. Trump is not under investigation for collusion with Russian intervention in the election because he and his team likely had no direct role. However, he is very likely deeply compromised, and will never govern effectively as long as Putin owns him — which by all indications he does.

It is Trump that doesn’t have the overall interest of the country at heart, he doesn’t believe in the separation of power, he has no respect for the Constitution and American institutions. He could have concentrated on his own agenda if he has any; without constantly injecting himself in everything and anything.

Maybe he has nothing to offer, that is probably why he is always busy tweeting and creating controversies, a smokescreen to mask his incompetence. After all, he is the president, how should or could anybody prevent him from doing his job?

He is always insulting, disparaging, blaming other people including federal judges, lying, exaggerating, focusing on himself at every opportunity. There is no limit to his utterances, no restraining himself at least out of respect for his position or the American people. How can anybody, in all honesty, defend this man Trump in spite of his scandalous behaviors?

Trump underestimated Comey. He never dreamed James Comey would write detailed notes after having conversations with him. He never pictured James Comey riding away from 5th and 56–57th, NYC, in a big black vehicle with a laptop on his lap, tapping away notes about Donald Trump. Let’s face it. Donald Trump underestimated James Comey in many ways. And when he realized he underestimated him and was going to look like a presidential goofball, he canned Comey.

Now is the time for Trump to deflect the attention of the media. I fear something big may be in store for tomorrow. I’m looking at North Korea’s missile tests and I’m getting nervous. Trump is unpredictable and has been reckless with foreign policy to suit his own purposes. Could a military strike on North Korea happen tomorrow? I would never have thought this way before, but with this presidency, I am forced to abandon rationale predictability.

Simpletons are easy to figure out. Donald Trump is a simpleton but one with enormous power that he seems to think is unfettered by our constitutional system of checks and balances. His simple idea was to end an investigation by simply firing the investigator. And after the malicious deed was done, the simpleton gloated about it, thinking that the cloud over him was now lifted.

Yes, Trump is more businessman than politician, and that is why he thought that firing Comey was as simple as firing one of his employees. Trump is as obstinate as he is ignorant. He takes no advice but his own and he is walking a very treacherous plank.

The thing to watch today is the reaction of the Republicans in Congress. We all know Trump is a scallywag, totally unfit to hold any public office. But can Comey’s testimony make him look so bad that the GOP members of the alternate reality universe can’t carry him any longer? Will Trump become such damaged goods that the Never Trump crowd will force him to resign or face impeachment?

I don’t care if he goes to jail, I just want him out of the White House. That will only happen if him staying threatens the Republican office holders.They will never turn on him for the sake of America, only to protect their reelections.

Nothing will be the same after this presidency. Too many lines have already been crossed. Absolute power in all three branches of our government is a disaster for democracy. If we survive this, it should never happen again. And yes, that means the Democrats too. We need the balance.

When Trump looks into the mirror, he sees a young Vito Corleone starring back at him; a ruthless leader, untouchable and at the height of his powers. The rest of the world sees him for what he is: a doddering fool, a buffoon, a grifter who got in over his head, stuck in a con he doesn’t understand.

That President Trump turned out to be a liar, a bully, and a con is no surprise, his life has been well documented. What is a bit surprising is just how bad he is at it. But perhaps it is better to be lucky than good. Most crooks are not handed a tainted a jury pool like the Republican held Congress. We’ve been “lucky” too — Trump’s incompetency has limited the damage caused by electing a man manifestly unfit to serve.

The question becomes whose luck will run out first, Trump’s or America’s?

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