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Ten Takeaways From Trump’s Latest National Approval Rating

By Darrell Roberts 

In the latest Quinnipiac University national poll President Trump’s approval rating has fallen from 37% to a new low of 34%. The President’s waning approval rating should not come as HUGE surprise. What can be learned from a deeper look into this new poll?

Here are ten takeaways from the newest national poll.

One: Republicans have an 81% favorable view of President Trump compared to 36% of Independents and only 4% of Democrats.

Two: The majority (59%) do not consider the President to be honest. However, 77% of Republicans, 38% of Indendependents, and 7% of Democrats DO assess the President as honest.

Three: Republicans rate the President’s leadership skills favorably (81%), but 53% of Independents and 89% of Democrats disagree.

Four: A solid 48% of men think the President cares about the average American; Overall, 40% also share this view.

Five: The 18-34-year-old age group staunchly opposes the President while those 65 and over remain his strongest supporters.

Six: Most (57%) identify the President as being smart. This number has fallen from a high of 74% back in November 2016.

Seven: Only 54% assume the President will serve his full term.

Eight: Women believe the President is abusing his power of office; an overall 55% agree.

Nine: An overwhelming 62% disapprove of the U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Ten: Many (68%) are somewhat (22%) to very concerned (46%) about the President’s relationship with Russia. An overall 73% support an Independent Commission to investigate potential links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In summation, it is apparent that the President’s approval ratings and support remain largely divided along age, gender, and party lines. The poll also suggests uncertainty continues to grow around the President and his administration’s ability to govern.

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