Breaking News: Trump Administration Pressed State Dept To End All Russian Sanctions

Almost immediately after taking office, the Trump administration began pushing the State Dept to develop plans to remove all sanctions imposed on Russia, including those for their invasion of the Ukraine, as reported by Yahoo News. This reportedly comes on the heels of efforts by the White House to try and give back the Russian compounds seized by the Obama administration as punishment for the country’s interference in the presidential elections.

But this news is not in the mainstream consciousness of the media due to the coverage of Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. While the White House jeopardizing the future of our planet is important, it should not overshadow possible proof of treason. It is almost as if Trump wanted to pull out of the deal just so as it could distract from the recent news to reward Russia. Distractions are apparently the theme for the week given how Trump put so much focus on the reaction to Kathy Griffin’s publicity stunt as well. With the #MarchForTruth (protest wanting to get to the bottom of Trump’s connection to Russia) happening this weekend before James Comey publicly testifies next week, I guess the White House wants as many diversions as possible.

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