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Trump Slams Germany on TWITter

By Andrew Witzel

Early morning Twitter posts by our very own President Trump revealed that he is far more comfortable leaning on the tried and tested tune he’s been trumpeting for the last four months. A normal president would have seized the opportunity of an international trip to mend fences, create understanding and forge a future where cooperation is valued higher than criticism. Those of you hoping for that sort of trip should take a long hard look at the man who is our current president. This isn’t the patriotic and charismatic leader this country needs right now, in fact, Trump is the polar opposite of what this country needs right now. Feeling more like a broken record stuck on the same song, the output from this president is mediocre even on the very best day; a day he does not decide to tweet that is.

When a world leader, with 11 years experience in the job and respected the world over, takes a rally on Sunday to basically throw the bus at the U.S. President, there is something catastrophically wrong. Angela Merkel suggested that Europe could no longer rely on the United States and that the continent “really must take our fate into our own hands.” Trumps response to this was, as is typical of him, was through Twitter by countering her comments with the equivalent of a schoolyard “Oh yeah, well” response. World leaders just don’t, and never should, talk in this manner and it goes a long way to underscore the overall lack of experience Trump has with anything related to foreign affairs.

Martin Schulz, the leading opponent of Merkel in the upcoming German elections, has offered his support of Merkel’s position on Trump and all but endorsed her comments from this past weekends speech. Schulz,  a former president of European Parliament and currently the head of the center-left Social Democrats, has offered his passionate support of Merkel in her position of Trump instead of criticizing his rival. He took to Twitter to say this, in English, German and French.

The Chancellor represents all of us at summits like these, and I reject with outrage the way this man takes it upon himself to treat the head of our country’s government.

Trumps reputation in Europe is arguably worse than his reputation in the United States. His comments may end up influencing European politics in unexpected ways; ways that could be to the detriment of the United States. A poll conducted in February in Germany indicated that 78% of Germans indicated they were “very concerned” about Trump’s policies. That is a statistic 20% higher than those worried about the politics of Vladimir Putin. Americans are in a situation of their own making and we are all suffering the consequences of that decision. World leaders see Trump for who he truly is.

When will Americans start to see Trump for who he truly is?

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  1. To answer your last question, that would necessitate millions of people saying they were wrong. Since many of the die-hards are empowered by this braggart who insists he’s NEVER wrong himself…I don’t hold much hope right now for that. Starting to wish I’d saved my money so I could move.

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