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ICYMI News Roundup @ May 26th – May 28th

By Bobby M.

In case you missed any of the news from May 26th through May 28th, here is a brief recap regarding much of what happened. Not everything will have a hyperlink, so if you would like more information, please highlight and google it.

Brand new reports involving the Russian influence of the presidential election dominated the news cycle for the weekend as it was shown that Jared Kushner is the focus of some FBI investigations due to how it was found out about his trying to set up back-channels to Putin before Trump took office. Couple that with all of the meetings he had with Moscow officials (more recently found out) that he did not list on his security clearance forms (which is a crime by the way), and there is much more smoke to the fire that is #TrumpRussia. The other story of the weekend is how Trump concluded his trip abroad by not affirming the United States position in the Paris Climate Agreement. It is worth noting that Angela Merkel said Europe should not rely on the U.S. after spending all that time with Trump.

The rest of what is listed below may have been harder to hear details about…



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