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Money Over Mankind: Trump Declined To Endorse The Paris Climate Accord

By Jason Taylor

The Paris accord is an ingenious and historical achievement for so many reasons not the least of which is defense given the paradigmatic shift in strategic initiatives that will result from climate change. The equally obvious counterpoint to this is how vulnerable we are to extortion given the Trump administration and Congress.

In attempting to defend an industry that is going the way of the Dodo, Trump is handing the initiative on green energy to China, the same way Bush handed stem cell research to Europe. They are harming our growth industries to protect their cronies in gas and oil. Perhaps they would like to go all the way in defending the nineteenth century by reviving the manufacture of buggy whips? They certainly haven’t had support since the invention of the automobile.

Trump postponing a decision regarding affirming the Paris agreement on climate change at this G7 meeting signals that the US is not serious about combating global warming. A unified stance among the richest countries in the West would show the rest of the world that future of all our children and their children matters. The science behind the threat of climate change is well established and new data regarding its impact on the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets is a resounding confirmation. Trump may not see the issue the way everyone else does but taking off the blinders may resolve that problem.

The horrible fact is that we have this administration during this critical time in history. The planet is on a doomsday course of global warming via climate change and on the way to being unable to sustain human life. The inertia of warming is such, that if we shut down every source contributing to this it still would continue warming. We can’t restore the polar ice caps which are the ” air conditioner of the planet”. This President offers no hope or intelligent leadership because he can’t. He’s pitching uninformed and religious right repression while the world suffers.

Mother Nature will not tolerate the plundering and poisoning the United States is delivering to her, all in the name of the Almighty Corporate Profit.

Trump and team have made the US irrelevant. They have made friends with our enemies, and have alienated our allies. Trump did not hesitate to avoid normal protocols and embrace personal enrichment on his trip. His administration bears watching, as they are potentially dangerous to the free world, and, they must be excluded as serious representatives of a democratic government based on law. The White House claimed “no major gaffes” were made during his trip.

Like, the excoriation of NATO members for not paying their “fair share”, when NATO members must pay 2% of their GDP toward their own military, not NATO. The US was invited to join NATO to aid against Russian incursion. But Trump owes Russia millions of campaign dollars, they helped him win, and have leverage over him.

Under Trump, there is no guarantee that the U.S. will help protect Europe.

Trump’s refusal to commit to the Paris Climate accord leaves the U.S. out of global plans for clean energy, a sector vibrant with new jobs and revenue. The US watches the loss of Federal land to dirty mines.

Trump tried to hold the Pope’s hand and offended all — except the Saudis. Trump sold $110 billion of weapons to the Saudis and accepted their offer of $80 billion to fund Blackstone to rebuild US infrastructure, privatizing government. jobs. The Saudis, happy with Trump, gave his daughter’s fund $100 million.

As a child, we all played connect the dots. And when we did so correctly, a picture would emerge. It was quite simple actually. Now, if we connect the dots starting with Trump, to McConnell, to Ryan, to the Republicans in the Senate and Congress, a portion of the picture will begin to emerge. But, to complete the big picture the pixels must ultimately connect back to the source. And that place is none other than the Koch Brothers.

The media, the public, and international criticism are wasting their efforts critiquing Trump and the Republicans. Follow the money, connect the dots, it’s the Koch Brothers behind this entire assault against Earth and mankind. Don’t punish the pawns in a chess match. Go after the culprits moving the pieces while hiding in the shadows. And in this case, it’s the grand chess masters, the Koch Brothers.

Europeans got an up close and personal view of this Donald Trump guy. This uncouth Bourgeois trailer trash bloviator of lies and deceit. We know what they think of him because we know what we think of him. Let the impeachment begin. And don’t stop with Trump get everyone involved in this conspiracy.

While much of the Trump administration’s destructiveness can be slowly undone by future presidents, damaging the earth will have far more lasting consequences.

I do hope that Americans are willing to take to the streets and protest this sort of thing, just as some did after the Muslim ban was announced. Unfortunately, the U.S. doesn’t have a recent tradition of mass protests or general strikes, unlike some other countries (see South Korea or Brazil). But this has to be the moment.

It’s up to you.

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