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Trump’s Budget Is D.O.A.

By Jason Taylor

With no Republican help President Obama saved the financial industry and its masters from collapse, the auto industry from bankruptcy, prevented a second Great Depression, kept America “safe” from terrorist attack, eliminated Bin Laden, brought life-saving healthcare insurance to millions of Americans, presided over a scandal free Executive Branch for 8 years, reduced our tax deficit, achieved a record 75 months of jobs growth for Americans, and much more.

And Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan did what during those eight years?

Mick Mulvaney says, “Yes, you have to have compassion for folks who are receiving the federal funds, but also you have to have compassion for the folks who are paying it.”

It’s always been this way and Mulvaney would do well to educate Trump on this. But the other thing that gets me about the new “austerity” is how it’s been proven ineffective. Heck, they wrote a whole book about it — “What’s the Matter with Kansas”?: Wisconsin, home of Paul Ryan, has been similarly depressed by huge tax cuts that led to job losses, not gains.

And now Mulvaney wants to impose the failed experiment of these and other states in the entire nation. It’s a foolhardy approach: The way to make America great is to invest in its future, not reward the captains of industry at the expense of the struggling middle and lower classes.

Mick Mulvaney’s unbelievably callous statement that “compassion needs to be on both side of that equation” will, I think, anger a lot of people, not just Democrats.

Does he really think Americans need to have compassion for billionaires — particularly those who gained their wealth through favored tax treatment and loopholes — who pay an infinitesimal drop of their income on taxes that spell the difference between life and death for the nation’s struggling poor and disable elderly?

If I could wave a magic wand, I would require that every member of Congress shadow a middle income or working poor constituent full-time for one week. Most are utterly clueless as to how this country punishes the non-wealthy and erects roadblocks to progress at every corner. Serf-level wages, the absence of humane employment policies, obscenely expensive health care, out of reach college costs exacerbated by unnecessarily high college loan interest, unaffordable child care and schools that are underfunded, and on and on.

To all Trump voters— ask yourself what The Donald, or the Irish Undertaker Ryan, or any of the rest of them want to do for you and your family.

Your only question at the mid-terms should NOT be whether the candidate is an R or a D or and I, but what is that candidate going to do to you and your family. How will your hard earned tax dollars be spent? Think education, health care, clean water, healthy air, jobs. Think how those with no voice, the disabled and our very senior citizens will fare. Look askance at yet more cuts for the overfed titans at the top.

I am beginning to think that “tax reform” are weasel words. It’s another somehow nicer way of saying we are going to change something that will hurt middle and lower income families but give massive tax breaks to the 1%. We’re going to reform Medicaid by eliminating 100’s of billion dollars from the Medicaid budget and making the program “more efficient” at the same giving generously obscene tax breaks to those that certainly don’t need it. The idea that lets finance tax cuts for the very wealthy among us by cutting back of tax breaks, and service and aid to the aged, disabled, and just plain poor people. With the underlying Ryan, religion is that the poor are that way because they deserve it.

The Trump GOP Congress has the same goal as its leader Trump: cut spending to harm the poor with less or no health care and worse food and lower middle classes to fund tax cuts for the rich and unnecessarily increase defense spending. Oh, and the Trump GOP also want to degrade water and air quality.

The biggest threats to Americans aren’t ISIS or Russia. It’s the Trump GOP.

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