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The Conflict: Trump – Putin, Or Putin – Trump?

Time for impeachment. Time for America to take the lead in stopping the terrorism in Europe through our intel agencies, and time we all stop having to mourn the death of innocence for the birth of Tyrants……

By: Randy Deabay

America has seen this before by Communist regimes where a smoke and mirror is placed in front of the television, as the divide and conquers strategy plays in the background. America watched as the U.S.S.R would create small skirmishes in one area while attacking and taking over whole countries. This was no small feat, and Vladamir Putin was part of the campaign and has attempted on different occasions to use it once again.

Americans saw the divide and conquer of a people by Adolf Hitler, who brought about a Nationalist movement within Germany to remove “the unpure, the instigators, the criminals” the non-Aryan race. America sees this today in the actions of the President in his immigration policy, his attacking of Syria, the antagonizing of North Korea, and finally the $100 Billion dollar deal to the financiers of 9/11, Saudi Arabia. Trump has opened a chasm within the Middle east with Syria and other countries, including the U.S, while playing into the hands of Mother Russia and Putin and giving credence to a needed Russian Presence on the borders of Iraq, Turkey, and Israel. Trump gave to Russia what it could not do itself. Donald opened the gates of hell between South and North Korea that allows North Korea reason and support for nuclear warheads, something that Communist China was not able to accomplish. America sees in Donald Trump, the mirror of one Vladimir Putin, with a salting of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini added.

Hitler, after taking power and having all promise their dying support to him, went on


The Nazis used public displays to spread their ideas of race

television, newspapers, and in every school, and preached his condemnation of lesser races, and ousted many. Posters, movies and even the German Scientist got involved by forced sterilizations. Hitler did not view the Jewish as a race, but as an evil people, and these evil people must be exterminated at all costs. Americans today do not need to go far to see which leader has read MEIN KAMPF, for it has been told by previous wives of Donald Trump that he read from it nightly


Yes, America has seen such atrocities from other want-to-be Tyrants and kings, but there has always been America to stop these malefactors. Who shall stop the criminal tyrant of America, if Americans do not stand up to this follower of Hitler, the puppet of Putin?

Marxism, the idea of Communism offers one a Utopia, while the truth is that only the government gets rich, while the worker starves and is controlled in nature not unlike a prison. America watched as the idealism of Communism spread across the world with the U.S.S.R being the most hostile, and purveyors of communism. Putin adores Communism and the power of which it brings to the ruling party. Donald Trump loves power and making “lovely artful deals” and this is how America is being conflicted.



joseph stalin, soviet leader, ussr, communism

In the 1930s, Stalin, a Russian Tyrannical communist leader had plans to move communism to the west, and create a Utopian world. We hear of the NWO, and we automatically think of one power controlling earth, but when several younger Americans hear of Russia and Putin, the comment is “he’s not so bad.” America is a conflict of its own between this so-called New World Order “NWO” and Communism on one side while the American Patriot fights for the Constitution, America, and the values for which America stands.


The hatred that Donald Trump portrays and brings out of not only Americans but citizens of the world gives every American cause to stop and see reality. We have a sick demented man, who has read Adolf Hitler, studied Communism, and believes that he can create enough smoke and mirrors to bring America to its knees and become part of this evil NWO of communism. Americans can sit back and accuse one another of political games, but Donald Trump, the American President is driving Miss America down the lane to the neighbors, and those neighbors have no room for instigators, freedom, and the American Constitution. Either you believe in America, as a Patriot, or you are now part of this nieve, blind Nationalism that Donald Trump has created, and America is in conflict. Either stand your ground as an American Patriot or drop to your knees and speak the words of Heil Trump! and Heil Putin!  The American question today is, which side of the bread aisle do you want to be on? Time for impeachment. Time for America to take the lead in stopping the terrorism in Europe through our intel agencies, and time we all stop having to mourn the death of innocence for the birth of Tyrants.



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