Trump Should Do The Country And Himself A Favor: Resign

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump doesn’t like being President. Donald Trump likes playing golf, watching lots of TV, and not having to answer to anyone. Trump doesn’t look healthy. He’s bloated, orange, and clearly in some sort of emotional distress. Sure, Trump enjoyed the campaign, the rallies, the attention etc… but now, that things have taken a turn for the worse, he should do everyone a favor, including himself, and step aside. I’m not holding my breath, and neither should you.

Trump is at his most dangerous right now. This is because he will never have more power than he does at this time. He will strike back — the only unknown is how he’ll do it. When he believes he has nothing more to lose, he will unleash any forces at his disposal — including not only the sycophants in the White House but also the millions of his brainwashed supporters.

He will not go down without taking others with him. He may see this as the ideal time to turn the millions of his frankly racist supporters against brown-skinned Americans, or, he may, in a particularly unhinged moment, launch a nuclear strike causing destruction the likes of which we can only hope we never see. But make no mistake — he will not go quietly.

My first reaction upon hearing that a special prosecutor was being appointed was relief. And Mueller is a good choice as far as I can see. Then, I started to think further and realized that this may allow the Senate and the House to return to working on legislation and the budget. Given what we have seen thus far of that effort, I prefer them to be too busy with the Trump insanity to pass any legislation.

Also, Mueller has no obligation to make his conclusions public, which may leave the issues unclear to far too many voters in 2018. If the Senate and House continue with their investigations, some of this may be mitigated, but that depends on GOP legislators who have no wish to see Trump further damaged since they are also likely to be tainted.

My original relief is now replaced by the recognition that there is no good way out of this mess, no matter how capable or diligent Mueller is.

I am exhausted by this administration, and it has only been a little over 100 days. I hesitate to contemplate what four years would be like. Whether or not his campaign colluded with Russia, our so-called president has demonstrated his entire lack of judgment, critical thinking and ability to communicate beyond short repetitious phrases and 144-character tweets in the middle of the night. How much more nonsense can our nation stand? I sincerely hope that there are a few adults among his aides who can manage this disaster, but I remain skeptical.

The problem with removing Trump from office now is that the “nicer”, but substantively similar, Pence becomes president. He could enable the current congressional conservative majority to achieve their objectives without all of Trump’s baggage getting in the way.

There has not been a day since November, and never more so than in the past two weeks, that I have not awakened thinking that surely today would be the day the adults would step up and take control of the situation.

The best hope is for the 2018 elections to change the composition of Congress, while fearing what may happen to this country in the meantime, including too many people in this country accepting Trump as the new normal, or rallying behind him if he gets this country into some kind of a major military confrontation…or worse if Trump can’t imagine or accept life after he is removed from office by whatever means.

Even if there is no collusion found between Trump and Russia, Trump’s tweets show that he is a mentally unstable man. For the safety of the people of the United States, and the people of the world, Trump must leave office either through resignation or impeachment.

Let’s place the blame for this erratic and unstable man sitting in the White House clearly where it belongs; blue collar workers in the Mid-West who at the last minute pulled the lever for Trump and to Evangelicals for giving their nearly unanimous support to Trump throughout his campaign and election. These are the voters that have placed the U.S. and the world at risk. Yes, they rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes.

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