Donald Trump, Meet Special Counsel, Robert Mueller

By Jason Taylor

I almost gave up on our judiciary. Many of us did. I thought that we had become the Banana Republic that so many joked about it. I hope that this is the beginning of the end of a terrible chapter in our history. Surely by now, most Americans can see that Trump is woefully inadequate to the job and lurches from one mess to the next. Let’s have an impartial professional investigation and perhaps then our timid Congressional leadership will step up to the plate and do their duty.

Mr, Mueller is the perfect choice for this appointment. Mr. Rosenstein’s move and appointment of Comey’s predecessor is rich in irony. By attacking Comey, Trump inherits far worse. How he’ll process all the stories bound to be published–sure to be bombshells–is anyone’s guess.

There is a wide range of suspicious behaviors by the Trump campaign, transition team, and Administration. This could take a while, going through all of those tax returns, bank records and other business dealings of Flynn, Manafort, Page, Lewandowski, Russian oligarchs, Kremlin officials, Trump family members, Jeff Sessions… this could get really ugly.

But better a protracted investigation of a weakened Administration, given their agenda of destruction and corruption, than a quick transition to scary Mike Pence, who would be just as bad or worse than Trump but without all of the chaos. Pence could actually get things done, really bad things.

I think the Mueller investigation should last until the 2018 Congressional midterms so we can head off the juggernaut that promises huge deficits, 24 million more uninsured, destruction of national lands, environmental devastation and accelerating climate change while enriching the ultra wealthy.

When Trump used the Rosenstein memo as his justification for firing Comey, there were hints that Rosenstein was furious and threatened to quit. Good chance that Rosenstein did this on his own, without any sign-off from Trump. If Trump fires Rosenstein, that will be the moment of truth.

After exhausting every possible avenue of excuse and then some, the Department of Justice was left in a corner, the only way out of which was to appoint a special counsel. The real heroes here are the nameless, anonymous sources that have ruffled the president’s feathers and have been a constant source of pain and embarrassment for this administration. Their constant stream of leaks, which is of unprecedented volume, is the only thing that is keeping this administration in check. Not the institutions such as Congress or the Justice department whose constitutional purpose is to be said counterweight.

This is by far the clearest sign of extreme distress in this democracy — the fact that we need to rely on rebellious West Wing staffers to leak to the press rather than rely on the institutions that are meant to protect the democracy in doing their job, and who are complicit in their tacit approval of this administration. And I’m sure most congressional Republicans are breathing a deep sigh of relief that someone else has stepped up to take the decision that everyone knew was necessary, but none of them wanted to be blamed for.

As welcome as news of Mr. Mueller’s appointment is, understand that there will be no quick and painless end to the Trump presidency. This appointment will unleash a backlash, the likes of which we haven’t seen for decades, if ever before.

Trump is now sure to react like a rabid, caged animal. What might he do? He’ll go back out on the rally circuit, and urge his supporters to come to his aid, even if that involves “2nd Amendment solutions”  He’ll convince his angry mobs that any number of ethnic minorities are the cause of all his — and by extension — their problems, and unleash waves of ethnic cleansing. One early morning when he’s in a particularly unhinged state, he may order the bombing of a nation whose own nuclear warheads could strike back.

None of these possibilities should undercut our support of Mr. Mueller’s efforts. His investigation is absolutely necessary for the continued existence of our democracy. Nonetheless, we should all be very awake. Fascist regimes rarely end peacefully, and Trump will not go quietly.

On the mantel in the State Dining Room of the White House is an inscription that John Adams installed:

“I pray Heaven to bestow the best blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

I pray that the current unwise and dishonest inhabitant will soon be gone.

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