Somewhere Around This Time Last Year, We Warned You

By Jason Taylor

Many of us saw this coming. His bombastic and braggart ways did not sway us along with his empty promises he has yet to fulfill to satiate his bloodthirsty supporters.

We screamed you didn’t listen. We listed all of the reasons Trump should never be close to the presidency and, as for the White House, the tourist tour would have been more than sufficient, you didn’t listen. Many people almost begged Paul Ryan to step up and denounce Trump’s potential as a nominee, to stop the racing train while there still might be time. No one responded, certainly not with enough energy or force to make a difference. Ryan and others tried to denounce Trump even while still supporting him. They betrayed themselves and they betrayed the nation. Now we are deep in the soup.

Trump needs to go? That’s obvious, but it is perhaps too soon. The pick-up driving, semi-employed masses and those approaching old age who supported him would see this as a coup d’etat by elites. Well, perhaps that is okay. They’d get over it? Who would then go forth across the nation and explain the necessity of this action? Are there any honest brokers left?

The other course is for a group of honest, well meaning people in Congress from both parties, governors and anyone else who can speak with authority to go to the president and urge him to resign. Or else. To tell him that, 1, he has already destroyed his presidency and, 2, they will take action to remove the rest of his powers unless he goes. There can be no compromise with this level of malfeasance, mismanagement, poor judgment and shirt on fire stupidity. Trump will not go on his own. He must be pushed.

The problem with such a quick and dirty removal is that it leaves us in potentially a far more precarious position with Pence and Ryan. My hope, ironically, is that the agonizingly long time these investigations are taking is because the infection runs deep, that we might just miraculously be rid of not just the “president”, but Pence, Ryan, McConnel, and Sessions in one glorious American swoop.

On the flip-side, there’s this.

Donald Trump needs to self-destruct to the point that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity call for his resignation. Anything less and the far right will continue to howl about ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Sadly, after writing that first line it dawned on me that even if that were to happen, some new and even more partisan commentators will just take their place.

We have heard in the 100 plus days of this nightmare to give him a chance and all Presidents go through a learning curve. The learning curve assumption is based on having a President that is willing to learn his limitations, his staff and the workings of our Congress, and lastly, and the most important point is to be accountable to the people which he has not demonstrated in the least. Mr. Trump appears to continue with his self-aggrandizement and braggart ways. Perhaps the invitation to allow the Russian delegation in the Oval Office was “oh, look at my new office”. To cap it off, “look what we discovered” as he shares sensitive information with the same delegation.

We are indeed in strange times. The best hope for getting rid of Trump is for the GOP to get Trump to resign by making him completely miserable. And, that will only happen if Congress pulls together to strip the Trump presidency of power, investigates abuses, and maybe threaten impeachment. However, it happens, the damage to our political system will be immense.

This country can no longer afford this type of administration.

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