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Donald Trump Obstructed Justice: Republicans, It’s Your Move

By Jason Taylor

I want very much to believe that McConnell, Ryan and Pence are capable of the kind of self-examination and critical assessment that is required to come to the conclusion that what is best for our country is for Donald Trump to be removed from office rather than merely impeached or, heaven forbid, tolerated for the duration of his four-year (and only) term.

Unfortunately, I do not believe any of these men, individually or collectively, are capable of such analysis. For they each are, in their own special ways, mean-spirited and spiteful individuals, who have made names for themselves (and indeed their entire careers) based on developing policy that hurts their fellow citizens — Paul Ryan and his odious healthcare bill, which harms families, women, children, the elderly, the disenfranchised and unemployed; Mike Pence’s horrifying extremism against the LGBTQ community and insistence that his religious beliefs ought to be the law of the land; and the dinosaur of a man known as Mitch McConnell, who has devoted his life to controlling the lives of many, and who has long had the State of Kentucky by the throat.

Will they redeem themselves? Not until they slash taxes for the wealthy, destroy Obamacare and trash our planet. Then…maybe.

Unfortunately, while writing this article, over in the alternate universe they are reporting on the exciting new voter fraud commission and a truly tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory that tries connecting the dots between some DNC emails and a cold murder case. It’s pretty difficult to envision Trump’s rogue-gallery cabinet ever trying to pull a 25th amendment remedy, it’s never been tried and if he got wind of it he would probably purge them in the blink of an eye. Lately, it appears that things have become more chaotic with the reduction of Bannon’s influence, that may be a key to understanding some of the dynamics, possibly Bannon’s way of demonstrating what happens if the Emperor is left to his own wiles.

Trump tried to end the investigation of a former adviser who took money from foreign entities and did not report it. That same person called the Russian ambassador and told him policies put in place by President Obama would be reversed. This was before President Trump took office. When asked, Mr. Flynn lied or failed to come clean. Vice President Pence went on national TV to defend Mr. Flynn.

Attorney General Sessions, himself, had contact with the Russian ambassador and ended up recusing himself from the Trump campaign investigation, but not enough to stop him from writing President Trump a memo that was the basis for FBI director Comey’s firing. Sessions is now interviewing candidates for a new FBI director.

President Trump gave the Russian foreign minister and ambassador highly classified information that was provided by Israel, putting Israeli operatives in danger and exposing the methods by which intelligence is gathered not only to Israel’s enemies but to America’s enemies as well, and most likely causing our allies to rethink what they will share with us in the future.

Trump is corrupt, unstable, unable to control his impulses, and he is indiscreet. The actions he’s signed off on, so far, are all designed to undo 100 years of social progress.

Is this president really smart enough to understand that he was engaging in an act that could, and would, be characterized as obstruction? Because, frankly, his behavior before the presidency, and since his inauguration, has been that of a man so accustomed to asking for what he wants, when he wants, and because of his status receiving it, that being raised to the station of the presidency led him to believe he now had that power, squared.

Donald Trump is the perfect storm of Conservative moral and ethical compromise and failure over the last 37 years. He’s the monster from their id created as in “Forbidden Planet” by a carefully constructed, seemingly limitlessly powerful machine intended to create their perfect world, but now the instrument of their destruction.

If Donald Trump broke this law then just like all of us he should suffer the consequences. But given the passive endorsement of his behavior in his party it’s the entire GOP that’s under suspicion, and that should suffer.

The question is, will they? Because judging by what I’m reading, hearing and seeing most of those who put this known offender in the White House are convinced they weren’t wrong and their hero is the victim of a vast media and Left wing conspiracy once again making a fake matter of inconsequential events.

To the Trump supporters, please consider the following thought experiment:

In the last week, we have learned that President Trump fired the director of the FBI because of the agency’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, provided codeword intelligence to the Russians in an Oval office meeting he tried to hide from the American people and asked the FBI director to drop a national security investigation. If this level of betrayal of American interests and incompetence doesn’t shake your support of Mr. Trump, what will?

Is there no level of misconduct that you won’t support or is there a threshold I can watch for on Day 120 or so? At the current rate of “climb” it won’t take but a few days more before Jared and Ivanka start a show on the Shopping Channel to sell off the White House furnishings, Mr. Trump invites Richard Spencer to lead the DOJ Civil Rights division and Mexico builds a wall to keep us out of their country for fear that whatever has infected us is contagious.

For someone who had claimed to be the candidate of “law and order,” Trump is far removed from both law and order.

Trump’s lawlessness takes many forms, beginning with his contention that he knew things about the hacking unbeknownst to anyone else, including the intelligence officers who traced it to Russia. Then there was the press conference in which Trump called our intelligence agencies “disgraceful” and on “a witch hunt.” Last week, Trump abruptly fired Comey and has failed to make any of his narratives for so doing credible.

And what a bizarre sense of order to be surrounded by people who knowingly lied about their own contact with Russia, Flynn, and Sessions. Flynn had to go because he had embarrassed Pence, not because he was untrustworthy. What a peculiar idea of order to allow only Russian media to a White House meeting with Russians. Or then sharing classified information with said Russians.

“I hope you can let this go.”

The fresh allegations about Trump, that he tried to get Comey to drop an investigation of Flynn, fit right in. In a sane world, no president would think he could outwit the FBI, or that he even should surround himself with compromised characters, but in Trump’s upside down world, that passes for law and order.

Who could have conceived when Nixon boarded that helicopter in August 1973 that we’d see him back, defiantly, this time with a mob on his side?

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