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Breaking: Chelsea Manning Released From Prison

Chelsea Manning, originally sentenced to 35 years in prison for giving a trove of US secrets to WikiLeaks is now free from prison. The transgender United States Army private served 7 years of that term following President Obama commuting the sentence. Manning will be listed as being on unpaid, active-duty status, with access to military medical benefits.

Now the next big question will be if Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, will hold to his promise of making himself available for extradition and turning himself over to the US government. Considering there has not been much news on the subject, odds are that he has broken that pledge.

Incidentally, Donald Trump is not happy with this grant of clemency, calling Manning a traitor because of the connections to WkiLeaks. Chalk up yet another bout of hypocrisy to the man considering he was all to happy to use the information from WikiLeaks (some would say in a coordinated effort) to help get himself into the White House.



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