The Biggest Threat To America’s National Security? Donald J. Trump

By Jason Taylor

President Trump is now officially out of control. He has, to-date, not demonstrated any sort of competency to be President of The United States. But that in and of itself is not an impeachable offense and is rather subjective in nature. But this news, that he has revealed highly classified information to a hostile adversary is beyond the pale. He has no idea what he is doing and has now entered the realm of actions that are detrimental to the security of the United States.

Trump provides more evidence every day of his lack of preparation for the Presidency — and this latest example reflects the danger of allowing an unschooled, undisciplined and unsophisticated person access to our national nerve center. His insecurity and desperate need for approval seems to drive him over the edge — time after time.

“The White House has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and in order,” Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee and the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters”

The White House is not going to come to grips, Mr. Corker. This seemed evident on inauguration day when we began to hear about crowd sizes and voter fraud. With each passing day and each passing scandal — ‘wiretapping’ and Flynn and obstruction of justice and Comey (and and and) it’s remained clear that this White House isn’t capable of “bringing itself under control and order.” Republicans have to do something and quickly. Putting party above country, Republican Electors handed the White House to this unqualified and uninformed immature bully.

The fact that this might not be illegal, given the wide discretion of the President to make classification decisions, in no way mitigates the horrifying implications of what he has done. A President of the United States very well may have endangered national security and seriously damaged our bilateral relations with the source country. This nightmare must stop now and this moderate fully understands that Republican house members and senators will be crucial in bringing this clear and present danger of a presidency to a halt.

It appears that no one inside the White House is capable of controlling Trump’s irresistible urge to brag, even when the subject is highly classified intelligence so sensitive that it reportedly has not been shared even with our partners, and even when his audience is two officials of an adversarial government.

It’s well worth reading the full Washington Post story, also picked up by the Associated Press. It seems to have come from someone who was in the meeting and was flabbergasted; there are direct quotes from Trump that make him sound like an overheated adolescent dying to share some gossip with his best buddy. It also explains in full the implications of his egregious error and details the scrambling that has taken place to deal with the risk to our highly sensitive intelligence partnership. This man has the mentality of a child.

Even when Trump became the nominee and started receiving classified briefings, I was terrified that this big-mouthed braggart would just go around spilling stuff to show off. I’m surprised it took so long. Over and over, we learn that this buffoonish game-show host just does not know the difference between play-acting and taking his job seriously. Trump is so profoundly ignorant of protocol and geopolitics that he literally does not know what he’s doing.

Honestly, what else would one expect from this lunatic? He is a loose cannon who suffers from a wide range of personality disorders including those involving poor impulse control and a pathological focus on self-aggrandizement. Not only is it inconceivable that he (or we) can survive four more years of this, but this kind of danger makes it impossible to imagine him staying in office any longer. The world is in disarray and Trump has played a key role in reinforcing and intensifying that. What is it going to take for Trump supporters and Republicans to stop putting the country at risk?

Impeach now. Impeachment does not require that this action be a criminal act, even if the word “treason” comes so easily to one’s lips. In many ways, it’s a vote of no confidence. And this giant child is so grossly incompetent as to constitute mental unfitness under the 25th Amendment, so there’s another route.

Republicans in Congress, do something before we lose everything that makes it worth being an American. Are tax cuts for the already lavishly wealth so vital that you can countenance this level of peril to the republic? Do you really have no conscience?

This goes now way above “tapes” and the firing of James Comey. This makes what Nixon and Clinton did look like a traffic ticket in comparison. Giving away state secrets to effectively the enemy.

Benedict Arnold move over, you have just been replaced by a bigger traitor than yourself.

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