Is Trump Smart or Insane?

By Andrew Witzel

Reading the news cycles the last few weeks, this is a question that is on a lot of people’s minds around the world. His actions can appear random, nonsensical and utterly ridiculous. Attacks on the media aren’t anything new, but he has taken this to a new level not seen before. What he chooses to talk about on Twitter, from both of his accounts, often leaves people scratching their heads wondering if he’s being calculated or is just plain out his own mind. There has been more news coverage of Trump since January 20th than probably any other president in our history. He loves being in the news cycle because it means people are talking about him, some defending, some attacking, but in the news cycle, he is none the less.

It would appear that the more insane or out of his mind he portrays himself the more his supporters line up behind him to defend his actions. Despite him having the lowest approval rating of any president so early in their presidency, he isn’t phased and neither are his supporters. The Internet is washed with articles to suit everyone’s opinion from far-left to far-right, all talking about the same person: Trump. He doesn’t seem to care what is reported about him as his go-to answer for anything is negative is “fake news” and anything positive is a retweet to his 29.5 million followers on @realDonaldTrump and his 17.4 million followers on @POTUS. Forever famous for his 3 am Twitter rants, both before and after he became president, history will most certainly remember him for his copious use of Twitter as his platform of choice to inform his country.

A plausible argument could be made that puts Trump into a category of intelligence and calculation with every single action and decision. A businessman, marginally successful throughout his life, sees the long game view of the world and understands the impact of decisions now and their impact on the future. The argument could be made that everything he has done or will do, is part of an elaborate plan only someone ruthlessly intelligent could actually have devised.

His sharing of alleged “top-secret” intelligence with the Russians was done on purpose, for reasons not yet known, but will certainly have an impact on this countries future. He’s riding a fine line of relations that mirrors the saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” If Trump were as insane and out of mind as everyone is accusing him of being, there would be more of a response to him actually sharing anything with a foreign country. The GOP, his administration, and others close to him know something we don’t, that is the only plausible explanation that is logical.

There is one big problem though when those in on the plan are so deep into the “inner circle” that everyone outside the circle starts seeing Trump’s actions and decisions as that of an insane madman. The divide between the White House and the rest of the country is massive, nothing can get across it right now. There doesn’t seem to be anyway, short of the legislative branch growing a pair, to bridge the gap.

The American people are at the mercy of someone who is intelligently insane that doesn’t have any trust with anyone outside of his tight inner circle. The American people protested during anti-segregation, they protested during Vietnam, they protested against Wall Street. If Trump is not careful, they’ll protest against the government and more specifically, the White House, with the potential of causing a lot more damage than good.

We can’t afford to let Trump run wild making up the rules as he goes, but we do need to work within the system regardless of how broken it may be right now. Whether you think Trump is smart or insane, it doesn’t matter, because we will feel the pain regardless of how the question ultimately gets answered.


  1. An egotistical douche that has no idea what he is doing as president…..Hell I have a dog that would make a better president….chuq

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