In The Name of God, Trump Must Go!

By Susan Kuebler

While I was writing an article yesterday on all the chaos in the Trump administration last week, ranging from the testimony of Sally Yates and James Clapper, Trump’s threats to FBI Director Comey about “tapes” and the reports on Twitter of sealed indictments against Trump and members of his inner circle – all that got blown out of the water by the astounding revelation by the Washington Post that Donald Trump had shared highly classified information in his meeting with Russian officials last week.

This was information so sensitive, regarding assets and intel in Syria and ISIS, that we had not shared it with many of our allies.  The intel did not originate from U.S. sources, but was provided by one of our partners.  And according to some nat sec experts, the “asset” who provided the information on ISIS is most probably dead by now – thanks to Donald Trump.

If you have ever shared your deepest, darkest secret with someone you considered to be your best friend, only to find out a week later that person blabbed it to your worst enemy, then you have some concept of what Donald Trump just did to our country.  He has made the United States an international pariah within the intelligence community and has seriously damaged our ability to collect and share vital information with our allies.  He has put our country at risk!

While spokespeople for the White House such as National Security Director H. R. McMasters fell on the sword yesterday trying to defend what Trump had done, their efforts were wasted this morning when Trump tweeted out the following:

If there were ever any doubt about the claims of collusion between Trump and Russia, he just put those doubts to rest – by his own words.  There is no other way to interpret what he has said.  It is telling that what he called “an openly scheduled W.H. meeting” was only covered by Russian media.  The White House Press Corps was barred from reporting on it.

No cries of FAKE NEWS!  No rants against the “failing New York Times” who also reported the story.  Trump openly admits he shared highly classified information, which he tries to downplay as just “facts” with Russia.  For HUMANITARIAN reasons!  The mind boggles.

He claims that he had “every right to” share this information.  On a certain level this is true.  As POTUS, he can unclassify information.  But any reasonable, thinking person occupying the Oval Office knows this should only be done after careful consultation with his national security advisors as well as with the country who provided this information.  Trump also has “every right to” launch a nuclear attack against Canada.

Just because you “can” do something doesn’t mean you “should” do it.

Trump also took an oath, when he was sworn in as president,

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

That oath far outweighs any so-called “right” that Trump has to tell Russia whatever he feels like telling them.  As president, he is supposed to put the interests of America, not Russia, first.  Some expressed concern that the Russians might have “bugged” the Oval Office during their meeting.  Obviously, there was no need to do so.

It is now painfully clear that Trump is either mentally or intellectually incapable of fulfilling that oath, or that he is a traitor to our country.  It is now obvious why Trump would be willing to risk impeachment over obstruction of justice charges when he fired Director Comey.  Obstruction of justice carries a far lighter sentence than treason.

Donald Trump, by his own admission, poses a “clear and present threat” to the safety and security of the United States.  There is no time to wait for a drawn-out impeachment process.  There are only two options left. Either Trump resigns – using whatever excuse he needs to salve his ego – or the Cabinet and/or Congress must act under Article 4 of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Quoting the famous words of Oliver Cromwell, a Member of Parliament said to Neville Chamberlain in 1940

“Depart, I say, and let us have done with you.  In the name of God, go!”

Let our country now say the same words to Donald Trump.


  1. YES! All of this Susan. Great day to release this article, but sure there will be plenty of material by tomorrow..the time has come for @GOP leaders to ACT for the sake of their Nation or parrish under the weight of an incompetent, unfit and unhinged @POTUS

  2. I’m gonna get sores and blood-loss if I keep trying to pinch myself awake thanks to this bad dream. It still feels like one. Ugh–will we even have a country in 2021, or will we be divvy’d up like in “The Man from High Castle”?

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