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Comey, Israel, Russia: Trump Is Drowning With No Lifeboats In Sight

By Jason Taylor

James Comey’s memos sound like the actions of an experienced F.B.I director: Collect evidence and cover your backside. I would have postmarked a letter to myself the same day and left the envelope sealed. Comey is apparently smart enough that he doesn’t need tapes. Although, any evidence of actual recordings would be quite hilarious. Once again, we find Trump outclassed.

The “smoking gun” in the Watergate affair was a recording of Richard Nixon ordering his staff to have the CIA tell the FBI to stop its investigation of the Watergate break-in. President Donald Trump asked the director of the FBI to halt an investigation.

Like the majority of the country, I knew that a Trump presidency would be a disaster. What I did not predict, was the shocking hypocrisy of the vast majority of Republicans in Congress, who would look the other way while this man very well destroys this country. I’m appalled at how rampant the collusion, the cowardice, the willingness to sacrifice everything they’ve sworn to protect.

I do not head into the territory of making sweeping characterizations of people simply because of their party affiliations. But what Ryan, McConnell and so many Republicans in Congress are guilty of — by refusing to honor their oath, do their job, and shore up this country in grave distress — is nothing short of treason.

This is a painful lesson that Netanyahu needed to learn.

It was very distressing to see Netanyahu exhibit such abundant love for Trump earlier this year while seeming to have no idea of Trump’s incompetence. Now, knowing that Trump can’t keep classified information secret–even the most volatile highly classified information, constitutes a steaming bowl of crow for Netanyahu.

Considering, the USSR, never recognized Israel, and Putin was part of the Soviet regime, Trump not only betrayed America but Israel, as well. Israel sits in the middle of an ISIS dominated the Middle East. So, releasing anything, to them, brings risk. every president before Trump, despite even cold relations, received intelligence, from Israel, in the strictest confidence. Trump broke that trust.

The Israeli government, of late, has not had anywhere near warm relations with the US, nor have they helped their case with how they are handling settlements and the Palestinians. But, they know they are at constant risk from Syria, ISIS, Al Queda, and other groups who would want to wipe them off the face of the Earth. And, historically, Russia, has supported Israel’s enemies, including Syria.

So, our dictator wannabe President compromised not only the US mission, but possibly what our allies are doing, and Israel, as well. Trump’s big mouth, as well has him declaring he has “absolute authority”, is a very dangerous combination. Each day he looks more of a dictator and less as a person elected to the Presidency of the United States. His actions, with this little gem, will put blood on his hand, as the Russians relay information to other dictators; Assad. and Putin. At this juncture, Congress needs to step in before more damage is done. The world does not need another insecure, autocratic, megalomaniac, depot. History has had too many of those with terrible results.

This is Watergate on steroids. Let’s stop pussyfooting around and start the impeachment proceedings.

This has got to be the last straw. Comey may be a grandstanding Boy Scout, but his reputation for “speaking truth to power” and “letting the chips fly where they may” is near-legendary (even if his zeal has clouded his judgment on more than one occasion).

If Comey jotted down these notes right after his one-on-one with Trump (after Trump shoved everyone else out of the Oval) – and shared them with other top FBI officials almost immediately afterwards – then it’s Comey’s word (and his notes – and the testimony of other top FBI officials) – against the Prevaricator-in-Chief.

And the first official statement from Trump’s Fuhrerbunker is, “It never happened”. Oh, and Trump probably has “tapes” of this conversation – which must be subpoenaed immediately.

Trump has repeatedly shown he is a pathological liar. His entire business career he has been a complete charlatan. He dodged his way repeatedly out of Vietnam. He has repeatedly stiffed vendors and creditors. He started his political career on a lie about President Obama’s birthplace and his investigation. He ran a campaign with no integrity and lies about 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, NATO, a wall, his inauguration, illegal votes, Muslim celebrations, wire taps etc… Many of his staff have been fired for Russian connections like Manafort and Flynn. He also had the motive to ask a Comey to end the investigation.

Luckily, the entire House of Representatives will be up for reelection in a little over a year. And impeachment is done by the house. All Democrats have to do is replace the Republicans who refuse to impeach Trump and he will be history. Apparently, the current Republican members of the House believe Trump can do no wrong. I don’t think the voters feel that way.

Suppose you were a possible intelligence source being recruited by the CIA? Or an existing source working surreptitiously for the CIA? Or an ally with your own sources to protect? Would you risk working with the USA? I’m reminded of the joke line: “What good’s a secret if you can’t tell at least three people?”. Trump is a child bursting with a secret and compelled to blurt it out to show his importance.

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