Trump Related Skits Recap On SNL From May 13th Weekend

We all know that Saturday Night Live is best known for it’s political satire. We also know that the moment Donald Trump became a politician, SNL took this skill to an all-new level…especially when you consider they will try and force some accountability when our mainstream media will not. In case you missed any of their sketches this past weekend, here is a recap of the ones involving the Trump administration.

And in case you did not know, this episode garnered some of the best ratings for the entire season of Saturday Night Live. That may be part of the incredible pre-show hype that came with it that was partially discussed in the preview linked here.

In the completely surprise cold-open for the show, Michael Che as Lester Holt interviews Alec Baldwin’s Trump to satirize the recent actual interview. While they obviously made fun of the actual news meeting, the two also poked fun at Paul Ryan being a suck-up, how Trump sits on every chair as if he is on the toilet, “Priming the pump”, and so much more.

This was the skit everyone was looking forward to due to Melissa McCarthy hosting the show, and everyone loving her rendition of Sean Spicer. It opened with an impersonator of Huckabee Sanders while “Spicey” looked on from the bushes while hiding. That followed with McCarthy’s awesome portrayal that led into footage that was used to hype the episode on the motorized podium as she went to find Alec Baldwin’s Trump, aghast ridden about the possibility of being fired.

Colin Jost and Michael Che from SNL’s Weekend Update crew continue the tradition of satirizing the latest political news involving Trump and politics in general…which given this past week, you know it would be jam-packed with entertainment. The pair pulled out all of the stops to make fun of everything involving the firing of Comey. They also took shots at Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Betsy DeVos getting booed, Trump’s tax letter from his lawyers, and his saying he may stop all press briefings.

Actress Cecily Strong plays the role of a recurring character on the ‘Weekend Update’ of Cathy Anne. While she does not support Trump, you can tell that she channels many of his supporters. In this skit, she does a great job weaving together a couple of questions: How crazy is Trump; and why won’t any republican politicians show some backbone and put their country before their party and stand up to the man.

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