The GOP Will Be Branded By Trump Forever

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is one of those “nothing good will happen” people: hang around long enough, and the collateral damage will take you out even if you aren’t an active participant. He does present big problems for the GOP, because overtly dumping him will probably cost said dumper at least some sort of primary challenge, and possibly the general election if too many of the Trump supporters get disgruntled and don’t vote.

On the other hand Trump is turning the GOP into the “mommy told me not to come” party … and the consequences of that are becoming increasingly threatening.

The reality is that the mainstream GOP would be far better off with Pence as president, and as the Trump cray-cray gets weirder and less tolerable this vision will get ever more appealing. Nobody wants another impeachment, least of all the GOP impeaching one of their own. However, the solution here is immediately at hand: enforce the emoluments clause: Trump will resign on the spot.

Republicans are completely responsible for the terrible Federal Government we have today. These Senators will also face hostile voters as health care changes threaten millions of Americans. The racially driven war with Mexico will not help them either. They do, however, have an opportunity to lead. There is a leadership vacuum in Washington and vacuums get filled. The Republicans could take this opportunity to reach out to Democrats and present the country with well thought out improvements to health care and a workable immigration law that would reduce the animosity with undocumented residents.

Will they have the courage to leave their middle school gang mentality to reach out and bring us the government all America wants? Or will they continue the devolution of government into a political fight club? If that happens we will lose and so will they.

Last week’s procession of political drama starting with the Yates’s and Clapper’s testimony and ending with James Comey’s firing, is just more evidence that the Republicans (along with Trump) will slow all three investigations down and hope the public will grow bored and not care. The Senate subcommittee hearing with Sally Yates and James Clapper on Russian interference into the election is typical of how the party in power plays it.

Many of their members (Cornyn, Kennedy, Cruz, etc.) used their time to question Ms. Yates’s credibility and commitment questioning her objectivity when it came to the “Muslim ban.” The country is facing an existential and confirmed threat from a totalitarian power and they seem not to want to give it the attention or urgency it needs to try to find a solution or at least a defense before the 2018 election. Yep, party before country 24×7.

Voters should hold the Republicans accountable. More often than not, they don’t. They do not want to do the reading or the research required not to be a “low info” one.

Trump may look like an idiot from a PR perspective but he knows what he is doing and how to take advantage of his uneducated, simple, and low information followers and how to extract favors from Congress. The behavior of the Republicans is demonstrated by their reactions during the campaign and, since January, to the Trump statements that horrified most Americans: their silence.

It would be nice to hear these career politicians being concerned for their constituents, but really they are only concerned about their personal future and their wealth. And they will tilt in the wind in the direction that benefits them the most.

I am normally an optimist when it comes to this country. Given the last 110 days, I am not sure I can still claim that.

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