I Can’t Call Him Mr. President

By Jason Taylor

It appears that nothing is beyond the pale for this “fake” president. I use the word “fake” with purpose, as he certainly is not representing the office as a service to the people, the image of America in the world, nor the betterment of mankind. So far I only see him diminishing our national banks account with the needless extravagances to support his own image and fill his own coffers, exploiting his powers to play an imperial majesty, and destroying our national honor to protect his fragile ego.

This latest Trump drama is just another Act in the Farce that is the Trump Administration that is playing out on the National Stage in Washington DC.

What we have in this latest drama is Trump waiting offstage as the Dictator-in-Chief until Comey settled in as just another loyal follower of King Trump. Trump trumpets his need for loyalty and has his medieval sword leaning against his medieval throne with the hilt of the sword ever ready for the loyalty oath swearing ceremony. Such a need for loyalty are signs of insecurity, uncertainty, and ignorance. Denying Trump of his basic needs may well serve to bring about the final Act in this ongoing farcical Play.

It can be easily said that Trump is not willing for or is yet ready for his close up. “This Russia thing with Trump” stands in the way of Trump reaching his greatest role as The Dictator-in-Chief. Also what Trump wants is a Keep Me Out of Jail Card. His self-promotion and self-protection needs can be self-destroying in the long run if he doesn’t get this particular Card from Comey and the FBI. Trump just hasn’t come to realize what a Republic is all about. It is a government of, by, and for the American people. It is a system of checks and balances. Such a scenario cannot be just for one person who is an extremely bad actor.

There is something really curious about a guy who keeps drilling holes in the bottom of the ship, to keep it from sinking. Firing the FBI Director, who is well respected within his own Agency, in a transparent effort to quash an investigation, is perhaps the best way to inspire FBI investigators to dig deeper and spread the net wider.

Whoever replaces Comey would do well to study the sordid tale of L Patrick Gray, the FBI Director appointed by Nixon who inadvertently inspired a wider investigation of Watergate and became a tool of Nixon in trying to head it off. He was ultimately financially ruined and forced to change his name in order to return to a private law practice.

Trump’s possible hyper-partisan appointees like Trey Gowdy would also do well to study the story of W Mark Felt, #2 in the Bureau who undermined Gray as “Deep Throat” because he felt slighted by the appointment of outsider Gray by Nixon. The big question for me is how many are willing to go down with the Trump ship?

What’s truly frightening is that Donald Trump probably has no idea that asking for Comey’s “loyalty” was completely inappropriate. We have in the White House a man who would not pass an undergraduate-level American Government 101 course (and has no interest in remedial education). And 37% of Americans are fine with that. Also frightening.

Sooner or later this Play will be deemed a Flop?—?if we all refuse to purchase tickets for any Loyalty Oath Swearing-in Ceremony. The final curtain of this farce cannot drop soon enough.

And so it goes.

The ink was barely dry on election day when he already was scheduling rallies with his base to try to insure re-election in 2020. He has declared the press and over half of American voters as enemies and embraced hooligans, despots and murderous dictators as allies. He denies the press access to the Oval Office, yet entertains spies from countries that are not our allies. He stirred unfortunate Americans into an angry mob to build an army of supporters and then has proceeded to sign executive orders and promote legislation that will further harm them. The man and his minions are beneath our respect, and I, for one, cannot call him Mr. President as that would diminish those who came before him in service to their country.

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