Trump Had A Choice, Comey Or Russia, And He Chose

By: Randy Deabay

Now America is supposed to accept that Trump fired James Comey, FBI director in May for the very same reason that he praised him last October? Really? Donald Trump wants to know if the Russians had anything to do with hacking the American elections, but WON’T look at the tons of evidence, and fired the one person who fairly was investigating the trails and evidence. America will have to assume that if Republicans don’t do something about this they are doing just that…choosing Russia.

The firing of Comey is the latest in the looming of a most serious constitutional crisis. Words that any Patriot thought America would never say, “The security of the United States might now depend on electing a Democratic Congress in 2018.” It is the time that Americans say “President Trump you’re bullying won’t silence our calls for an independent prosecutor and investigation.” And in the middle of this fiasco in denying America a competent FBI director, the now acting FBI director contradicts the White House, “Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day”

James Comey showed more leadership and more patriotism in his letter to the FBI ranks with his goodbye letter.C_gYmbFXcAAiT94

America has truly lost a strong leader in the intelligence arena with the firing by an uncontrollable President who haphazardly fires people at a whim. One thing about Comey is that he leaves a protective paper trail whenever he deems something inappropriate happened. America needs to stay tuned. America can feel secure that the long arm of James Comey has not completely stretched out as GOP Strategic Campaign Group which today was raided by the FBI has a Senior Advisor Dennis Whitfield who is the former director of the Manafort/Stone/Black lobbying firm.

Yes, Donald Trump never fails to project onto others that of which he himself is guilty. A symptom of one of his disorders, no doubt. One of Donald’s comments about James is calling Comey a showboat without irony is very, very funny to many Americans. The FBI might wage “war” on Trump and this is one war in which Trump is not apt to get a deferment. He can’t outsource this one America!!! Carter Page admits working with the FBI and CIA… Americans, imagine Page was an informant on Trump!!

The evidence has been clear, and Jim Comey had put together the facts, and in his grasps, Comey had the downfall of the American President, but Trump, trying to save his own hide fired Comey prior to the facts going public. This is not a deferment like a foot spur Donald, and you cannot expect the same outcome, which is to whimper away unhindered in your activities.

Remember these words from the hand of Donald to the eyes of Comey.170509181301-james-comey-fired-letter-trump-exlarge-169

James Comey had been the FBI Director for four presidents prior to Trump, and not one of them had a complaint about Comey’s ability, expertise, or loyalty to America. America now sees the deranged President trying to cover his illegal tracks to save his own self from what is known as TREASON. The Trump-Comey spat was really about the POTUS demanding his FBI head verify & push a bunch of Kremlin-created FAKE NEWS.

Whatever you think of the Comey firing, it’s now clear the White House has utterly botched the explanations/aftermath, which in turn is fueling the firestorm. Americans need to take the time to breathe, research, and understand the truism in the following statements by WAPO:2221 C_gazV3VoAAB-uF

Those who cried foul in Obama/Lynch but not Trump/Comey, are either suffering from mild memory loss or an acute case of hypocrisy. American Patriots see this as another Watergate at best, and more an attempted coup by a lunatic with the assistance of Russia while removing the one person standing patriotically between that and the American way of life. Comey believes that since he refused his unfettered loyalty to Trump, Donald fired him.

America must take action. America can no longer accept the questionable actions of an unstable President. America is better than to allow any President to choose Russia over any Intelligence officer. Time for Impeachment.

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